Designer Anita Pinto Talks About Her Brand MyMy Worldwide and Her Design Philosophy

Latina designer Anita Pinto launched her chic and modern womenswear brand MyMy Worldwide in 2017 to embody fun, glamor, and a “powerful feminine essence” through clothes. Pinto, who emigrated from Colombia to the United States five years ago, is no stranger to the fashion world. Having parents who worked in textile distribution, Pinto always knew that she wanted to become a successful entrepreneur and designer from a young age. 

Since the launch of her successful brand, Pinto shares a message of well-being, satisfaction, and self-love in others. Her love for fashion originates from her wanting “to understand the story that each woman wants to tell through her essence,” and that fashion can be a tool used to achieve both self-expression and the right projection onto the world. For Pinto, “fashion is neither good nor bad, neither cheap nor expensive. The importance lies in a person’s attitude” when it comes to expressing themselves through their style.  

When Pinto launched MyMy Worldwide, she was inspired by the individuality women hold and wanted to enhance that feminine identity through clothing. It’s a woman’s world, hence the name MyMy Worldwide. Her ideal client is any woman with great character and vision who is a service to the world.  

As a fashion entrepreneur, Pinto has learned to take ownership of each of the processes of her company in order to truly develop distinctive and innovative fashion that stands out in a competitive industry. However, being involved in each step of the process is not easy, especially for a fashion brand when it comes to challenges with logistics and finances.

While problems like these do arise, Pinto has been great at solving them while also designing her way through what’s trending in an ever-changing market. The key is to have patience when it comes to owning a fashion brand and being a designer. With a lot of dedication and commitment, “you can create a dream team.” 

Currently, Pinto is working on her next collection with her team which is set to launch in April 2023. Her focus right now is on her MyMy Foundation which is dedicated to helping women victims of violence in reconstructing their identities. With every purchase made on MyMy Worldwide, a percentage is donated to her foundation. 

As a Latina designer who is paving her way worldwide, it’s exciting to see what’s next for Anita Pinto and her brand within fashion. 


Anita’s Instagram: @anitapintoworld

MyMy Worldwide Instagram: @mymyworldwide

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