Determined to Overcome Difficulties, Changing the Fate of CEO Nguyen Van Binh

“The brighter the jade, the better the person suffering,” is not wrong. In order to open up to confide in life stories, the career story of CEO Nguyen Van Binh may have to be fully written into new books. The more people understand him, the more people admire his energy, toughness, and perseverance.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, find yourself unlucky to accept failure after obstacle, … then read this article. Believe that many people will realize that what they have gone through is incomplete compared to the character in the story below!

CEO Nguyen Van Binh – “Difficult to sharpen me

Friends of Mr. Nguyen Van Binh – Founder and currently CEO of Van Binh Media Company were surprised to meet again. People often tease him “what to eat, what to drink, but he has a fierce performance, no longer ugly, thin like 10 years ago!”.

Perhaps, only those who saw him with their own eyes at that period could understand how big the change in appearance, style, thinking, … of this leader was.

As a former student living in Hanoi, from the days he was still in school, Mr. Binh soon “popped up” with many jobs. At school, he is a dynamic student, enthusiastically participating in many social activities, working as a teaching assistant for teachers.

(CEO Nguyen Van Binh changed both mentality and appearance after more than 10 years of starting a business)

End of time, he works part-time to earn income to cover tuition. The desire to take care of himself and share the burden on his family makes the young man even more resilient and determined.

However, it is true that “life is not like a dream” ¸ in the first days of “entering life”, he received many “slaps until now, it still hurts” (Mr. Binh smiled and said).

Recalling the hard time, CEO Van Binh confided that he was passionate about business, so when he was invited to support a Foreign Language Startup, he did not hesitate to agree even when he was still in school. This is like a “rehearsal” because there is nothing but “the price to pay in exchange for experience.”

The above-mentioned stepping stone motivates the young student more to earn money and be rich. In his freshman year he co-founded SuperShip with his friends. This is now a reputable thrift delivery unit, operating across 63 provinces.

Before that, SuperShip had a difficult start, with offices less than 21 square meters in area. This is both a workplace and a warehouse for packing goods delivered to customers. Even in the new phase of operation, the company has not made profits, each brother has to share each loaf of bread and eat instant noodles every day.

At one point, Mr. Binh and his brothers in the company only received a salary of less than 4 million VND / month. Salaries even have to be divided into installments to reduce financial pressure.

Realizing that e-commerce is a “predestined” profession for him, Mr. Binh officially established his own media company in 2019. In 2020, he and his partners will develop a car care system. Despite careful preparation and experience, this project is not as expected.

The “missing step” with the car sector made him clearly realize his passion and strength. From here, he put his energy into media CEO Van Binh and helped the brand achieve many successes as at present.

Looking back at what has been through, instead of dissatisfied, he said that “it was the difficulty that sharpened me”. Those days “remember life” until now are still like yesterday. It reminded CEO Van Binh to be more courageous and persistent with his goals.

(He is currently the CEO of Van Binh media company)

Committing people, the media CEO Van Binh “gave it all away” without hiding his job

After a series of successes of more than 500 local Brand, 10,000 partners, 5000 individual brands, … and earned more than 10,000 billion VND for sales partners in the past year, CEO Van Binh’s media has become a lot. hunters to find out.

Many individuals are curious to know how and where a media company can do such spectacular things while the competition in the market is increasingly fierce.

(CEO Nguyen Van Binh has the personality and color of the leader)

Different from the direction of the majority, CEO Van Binh is not afraid to share and transfer technology to his partner. After only 1-3 months of setting up the system, most business owners can operate the online sales machine by themselves without the help of the service side. As a result, businesses are both cost-effective, efficient and stable.

Not afraid to give the secret to help businesses generate million applications, CEO Nguyen Van Binh and the company team are now being introduced to each other by partners / customers in the community. Choosing to “just face to hand” until customers do new success, … turned out to be a “good move” to help this brand become more and more prestigious.

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