Developing A Winner Mindset For Outbound Sales

Outbound sales is something that is scary and difficult for most people. Being able to withstand countless rejections is a quality that many good salespeople have. It’s all a mind game. You have to exercise your brain and make it stronger just like you exercise your body.

When you look at all the top sales people, they all put in massive amounts of time to work on developing their mindset. There can be no consistency without a good mindset and consistency wins in sales. In this article, I will talk about developing a winner mindset in sales. 

Belief In Your Product Or Service

This is really the most important thing. If you believe in your product or service then sales simply becomes a process of finding the right people to serve. This simple belief will change everything when it comes to your outbound sales. Sales is simply finding people that are a good fit for your particular service or product. Your service or product is simply something of value that you are exchanging for money. The equation you need to keep in mind: value=money. The more value your service provides, the more money you can charge. 

Reframing Rejection

You need to reframe how you think of sales in general. Sales is simply just giving value in exchange for money. If you really believe in your product or service, you will think of it just in terms of exchanging value for money. Reframing is important especially when it comes to thinking about rejection.

When someone rejects you, it simply means that either you didn’t use the right messaging/pitch, the product/service isn’t a good fit for them or they aren’t ready to buy. You need to think of rejection as simply a signal that something isn’t right, something needs to be changed.

It’s just a learning experience. You have to learn not to take rejection personally. All it is feedback that something is not right. When you think of rejection this way, the pressure gets lifted and you feel much more at ease during sales calls.  

Managing Your State of Mind or Mood

Mentally strong sales people monitor their own thoughts and can separate the bad from the good thoughts. They can tell when they are starting to get too excited about an opportunity and make themselves relax and take it slow. 

They are able to recover from rejection quickly because they know it is not about them. They know their value because they believe in their product or service.

Being able to manage your state of mind is crucial when doing outbound sales. It does take a lot of practice though. 

Let Go of Your Ego

Believe it or not, it’s not always about you. The prospect is not saying no to you, he/she is saying no to the product or service. People say no when they are not ready to try an opportunity or it is not a good fit for them.

It doesn’t help when a prospect is rude but the good thing is, most people will reject you politely not rudely. Always keep in mind that rejection in business is never personal. Your personal level of self worth should not go down just because your product or service is facing lot’s of rejection.

Winning Mindset = Winning Sales Person

A winning mindset is not developed overnight, it takes time and constant work. Overtime, your mindset and base level of confidence in sales will increase and your results will get more consistent. 

About the author

Bill Choudhry is a sales and outbound marketing consultant who currently helps people develop social proof and turn their media attention into leads. 

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