Developing Modern Patio Furniture

Tracee Ellis Ross, Star of Black-ish Reveals Her Furniture Design

Tracee Ellis Ross has some particular ideas about patio furniture that most people may disagree with. As the Washington Post mentions, it’s challenging to obtain patio furniture that lasts. The biggest issue with a lot of patio furniture isn’t so much the material as to how it blends into the decor. The aesthetic value of furniture (or any outdoor piece, really) rests with how it appears to others. The big picture is that your furniture needs to stand out in a natural and meaningful way.

Tracee Ellis Ross believes she’s solved that particular problem while still having a piece that is resilient to time and weather ravages. While many manufacturers approach the issue of material as the most prominent hurdle to jump in patio furniture, Ellis Ross looks at the addition to the decor. As her recent setup shows, she may have the right idea when it comes to combining traditional and contemporary design elements.

Kara Welch Produced Celeb Patio Furniture

The star of Black-ish revealed her Kara-Welch-designed ensemble recently, but the striking presentation of the cherry-red furniture wasn’t solely because of its color. The presentation design saw the chairs placed amidst a backdrop of a wooden fence and a terracotta stone floor. The result was a chic mix of modern and rustic looks, combining beautifully to evoke feelings of age and beauty in one fell swoop.

Contemporary vs. Modern

The age-old question of patio furniture design and layout is highlighted in Tracee Ellis Ross’s exquisite design. Modern designs are lovely when they’re surrounded by other contemporary elements. Thus, straight lines and mathematical curves find a home here, while organic shapes are not welcome. Conversely, in traditional designs, those straight lines can be jarring. What’s more, the muted color schemes associated with modern design elements leave a sterile, washed-out feel that doesn’t do well with organic backdrops.

To build a perfect patio layout, an artist or designer must start from what works and shift their perspective. Most homeowners don’t want to go all-in on a particular design style, and with good reason. Putting all your eggs in one basket makes it challenging to transition across in the future. Instead, the better approach would be to marry the styles so that it captures the essence of both. A modern lookout front with a rustic background is one of the most classic examples of this type of layout design thinking.

Choosing the Right Style For Your Patio

Patios are flexible spaces since they aren’t usually surrounded by walls. Naturally, the organics come from the background, which is generally a garden. A shock of color can make for a far better patio presentation than if you stuck something bright amid your Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes countertop.

You need to be a bit more subtle indoors than outdoors, but that’s why this hybrid design theory works so well. Creating an outdoor space that captures both the forward-thinking ideas of modern design and the traditional view of outdoor design makes for an unforgettable arrangement, one that might inspire others.


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