Deven Bapna: Young Blood and the New Age of Marketing

A burning desire, and more than it, a zeal to create an impact on the world, these are the first impressions when you meet Mr. Deven Bapna, the 20-year-old marketing consultant from the city of lakes in Rajasthan, Udaipur. A name fast picking pace and the persona of a wise businessman. Amidst his busy schedule, he took out a few moments to interact with us and that we’re glad about. A buzzing life and a hectic work schedule, this is a regular for Bapna. Currently, the focus is to network with more people. What makes him the most admirable personality is his aspirations and understanding of the marketing industry. He believes in the life mantra, “Learn new things every day, to explore a new version of yourself.” Being highly passionate about creating an empire, he has now built up with his own chore and is no doubt elevating his tasks remarkably well.

Having no mentor when he started working in this industry at an even younger age than now, he learned all the big and small details by himself. Picking up skills and learning business communication and networking on his way to success. He deals with product and brand marketing through social media and handles marketing contracts for various brands on a global scale. His work majorly revolves around social media and establishing any brand or a name through substantial internet presence and creating a high-end business profile for clients. And they perform social media marketing for companies all over the globe.

His clientele comes from all domains of life, whether it be sports, cinema, theatre, product line brands, services and utilities, actors and celebrities, emerging and aspiring influencers, TikTokers, and YouTubers and many more to be mentioned here. The process right from getting the client to creating a successful virtual presence to brand build-up and management revolves around platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other popular social networking spaces. Streamlined incorporation of digital and network resources that he has created gradually over a long time which now yields amazing outputs in a very short time whilst maintaining superior work quality. But it isn’t that all these business processes came in smooth and free-flowing overnight. It took multiple hits and trials, errors and ramifications, numerous bad and good experiences. The patience and the hardships which it took for him to reach where he is today are unparalleled.

It can be learned that when it comes to the journey of an entrepreneur, nothing ever comes easy. When Bapna came to this industry, there weren’t many people around who had that kind of experience that he could use to learn. He had to grasp every aspect of running a digital marketing business all by himself whilst constantly making and correcting mistakes and becoming sharper every day.  Amazingly, his journey will be used to guide and teach the newbies of the industry. He says, “Maybe I am a little old school but I accept limited projects at a once but whatever I work upon I mold it with perfection.” Such a humble guy Bapna, believes that his experiences with life have only given him humility and gratitude towards the journey that is of an entrepreneur. He will for sure inspire people and give them hope and motivation to rise and shine. May his future endeavors conclude in prosperity and glory.

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