Dewantee Smith aka Flawless2k is Doing Great in Music

He had started his career in the US Army but left the same soon to start his musical journey as an artist.

Dewantee Smith aka Flawless2k, is a Hip Hop artist from Atlanta, GA. He had started his career in the US Army but left the same soon to start his musical journey as an artist.

As a professional musician, Flawless2k has a degree in music production and now he is exploring his future in music full time. His professional degree course in music helped him shape up his career in music allowing him to understand various nuances and techniques of music.

What has kept Dewantee busy throughout the last one and a half decades was his relentless passion and interest in the Hip Hop genre. Flawless2k’s debut EP ‘Blackout’ has earned a lot of fame for its groovy tunes. The EP can literally make you dance and shake your head owing to its fabulous composition and music.

Flawless2k is now planning to launch his new single ‘2k21’ later this year. It will have key features with Dyson Tate of the 90’s R&B group Tony Toni Tone, and Bubba Sparxxx. Over the last few years, the music industry has widely enhanced its reach and popularised various tastes among listeners.

Today, the industry offers a lot of opportunities to young musicians and artists who want to make it big in the music industry. New age listeners want to explore various genres and opt to listen to new singers who launch their singles and EP. These listeners always prefer listening to new and innovative music.

At present, you have genres like pop, jazz, Rapp, RnB, and Hip-Hop. The intense competition in the music industry has led to the launch of newer songs and innovative numbers by various artists. Likewise, Dewantee Smith always produces something different each time he launches his new song.

Recently, Dewantee Smith aka Flawless2k has become the talk of the town for his creative music and captivating stage presence. His fans and followers not only passionately follow him on social media channels but also openly appreciate him on other music streaming channels.

Being one of Atlanta’s emerging hip-hop stars, Flawless2k is continuously enhancing his reputation as a versatile musician with an exceptional ability to produce outstanding music across all essential musical genres. He is hard-working, passionate, creative, and a great artist.

Flawless2k’s melodious compositions and innovative tunes have placed him much ahead of other musicians. Most of his songs are widely popular among his followers and fans. His music and songs have gradually become part of his fans’ life. Their day starts when they play Flawless2k’s groovy music to pep up their moods and set the tone of the day.

Flawless2k owes all his success to his childhood hobby. Since childhood, Flawless2k has been a big fan of countryside music. He spent a lot of hours listening to various music genres and analyzing their subtle differences. His never-ending interest in music led him to pursue a full-fledged degree course in music. And he has never looked back since then.

His collaboration with Pastor Troy for the debut EP ‘Blackhout’ gave him much fame and recognition. What else can a newbie musician ask for? The EP has generated more than millions of online views and streams. He is truly a creative genius and never stops adding newer and newer elements to his singles and songs to make them more interesting and appealing.

“I am now eager to launch my new album 2K21. Hopefully, it will hit the online music streaming sites very soon in the next few weeks. Apart from 2k21, I am also working on several other interesting musical projects, all of which are in the pipeline. Fans can expect good news from me anytime soon regarding my album,” Flawless2k concluded.

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Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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