Dhanasekar Sakthviel Wants To Represent India On A Global Scale In The World Of Men’s Fitness

When one person thinks of fitness, the first name that comes to their mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the biggest name in the world of fitness athletes and an inspiration to millions of people across the world. Dhanasekar Sakthviel is one such individual who was inspired by Arnold and has now become a household name in Tamil Nadu.

Dhanasekar hails from Tamil Nadu and is slowly gaining national popularity for his work, he started coming into the spotlight after he bagged his first winning title for men’s fitness in 2017, which he again won in 2018. At the young age of 16, he started training to become a fitness athlete and has often been quoted saying that his father has been his inspiration. He has also won the title of ‘Muscle Mania Universe Junior Champion.’

Talking about how he was inspired to start his journey, Sakthivel shared, “I remember when I a kid, I watched a bodybuilding competition, Arnold Schwarzenegger was part of it. I was immediately hooked, since then there was no stopping for me.”

He further shared, “I knew I wanted to be a professional bodybuilder, it has been a long and strenuous journey but everything has been worth it. I intend to represent India in international competitions.”

He has spent countless hours training to reach peak forms and is now sought after by many brands and supplements to become their ambassador.

Keep an eye out as Dhanasekar plans to represent India on the global scale.

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