Dharmendra Singh on the Path of Manoj Bhajpae and Pankaj Tripathi

The dream of working in Bollywood is next to attaining nirvana. In a country of more than 1.2 billion people, making a space of yourself in the film industry is extremely tough. Thousand of people land up in Mumbai every day to pursue their career in Bollywood films and thousand return without completing their dreams.

Dharmendra Singh, a dreamy-eyed boy from Eastern Champaran, Motihari, Bihar. Generally, the actor does not come from this stratum of society in mainstream Hindi Films.  He belongs to a family where a government job would have been his ticket to a better job, but his aspiration for Bollywood films was limitless.

Talking about a film and hoping to be a part of it is completely different things.  It is not easy to make it in an industry where thousands of immensely talented individuals try their luck every day. While there are always such individuals who with their hard work and perseverance, break all constraints and stereotypes and achieve their goal. He has struggled a lot and worked on Zee TV.

In his struggling period, he has worked in savdhaan India also. After some time he has made some Bollywood movies and got his first major break in the industry.  Recently he has done a film blackboard vs whiteboard with renowned actors like Raghubir Yadav, Ashok Samarth,  and Pankaj Jha.

The story of this film is based on the education system.  It is one of those films that has all the ingredients required for a decent social drama to work on the silver screen. Pangebaaz and sugna2 are the latest movies in which actor Dharmendra Singh has worked.

A well said by, John C. Maxwell that dream does not work unless you do. Big dreams can be inspiring and can fuel your ambitions in life. So whether your dreams are big or small, it is all the hard work you are willing to put in to see you living the dream.  Believe in your dream, convert them into action, and don’t be afraid to fail.

After tackles, all his great obstacles in his career, actor Dharmendra Singh has overcome on his rise to success. After accepting challenges and barriers and growing personally helping him to achieve his true success.


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