Diego Lozano Defies the Odds to Find Success

No one has ever said that starting a business is easy. The vast majority of startup companies end up failing. The ones who make it to the top truly have something special. Furthermore, Diego Lozano has shown everyone that there is no single path to success. His story is serving as an inspiration to small business owners everywhere. Even though his family had a different path for him, they are still incredibly proud of what he has accomplished. Now, Lozano is taking the time to give back to others, encouraging others to follow in his footsteps.

A Challenging Childhood Growing Up in Colombia

Lozano spent the first few years of his life in Colombia. Living in the city of Bogota, most people think about this as a tourist destination. For Lozano, this city was something different. He faced a tremendous number of challenges during the first few years of his life and knew that if he wanted to succeed, he was going to have to fight for everything that he had.

At 7 years old, his family moved to sunny Orlando, Florida. A city that is mostly known for its amusement parks such as Universal Studios and Disney World, he knew that he wanted to work his way into the top 1 percent. He knew that there was a sense of freedom and fulfillment that living in this section of society provided. Therefore, even from a young age, he wanted to succeed. As a result, he developed the entrepreneurship side of his abilities.

His Family Pushes Him in a Different Direction

Thanks to his tough childhood, Lozano learned a lot about people. He knew that his skills with people and his street smarts would make him a successful businessman. At the same time, his family also encouraged him to fight to reach the top. At the same time, they were under the impression that the only path to success was going to be a college degree. Therefore, they wanted him to stay in school, study hard, and go to college. Even though he stuck with the direction that his family gave him for a long period of time, he ended up dropping out of medical school. There are not a lot of people who dropped out of medical school, knowing that this is a path to success; however, everyone has to follow their dreams. That is exactly what Lozano was doing. Despite his incredible book smarts, he decided to follow his passion and start a real estate business.

Lozano Finds Massive Success in the Real Estate Industry

Shortly after dropping out of medical school, he tried to learn everything he could about the real estate market. He knew that this was a tremendous path to financial success and quickly realized that he was very good at it. He centered his real estate business around investing, flipping, and wholesaling real estate properties throughout the country. Even though this was making him happy, he knew that there was something more.

He wanted to inspire thousands to follow in his footsteps. He started from just about nothing and has built a massive real estate empire. With this in mind, he now spends his time educating people at how the world currently operates. He is confident that once people realize how the world actually works, they will not settle for an average life. He wants everyone to be able to attain their dreams just as he has.

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