Diet, without feel like dieting with Puneet Kaur’ CEO of Its Healthy Moms

Much of Kaur’s Its Healthy Mom’s audience has been reading her blogs on Health and Nutrition.

Puneet Kaur, Founder and CEO of Its Healthy Moms, empower people to take full responsibility for their health and enjoyment of life by inquiring, discussing, and critically redefining everything they have assumed to be true about health and wellness. She started her journey as a Diet, Nutrition, and Health Life Coach seven years ago, and is a Holistic health coach, which is more of an umbrella term rather than a specific, recognized designation. Most of her advice, as a Health Coach is based upon her personal experiences which she endured during her journey.

She acknowledges that physical health is deeply intertwined with every facet of a person’s life: relationships, mindset, spirituality, and more. She shares her health and fitness journey from being a Silver Medalist at the 42nd National Championship, Roller Skating Federation of India to being one the most successful Health coach.

Puneet Kaur believes that one must ditch crash diets and persistently lose weight while enjoying the traditional delicacies. With all the fad diets, guides promising rapid overnight weight loss, and oftentimes conflicting facts about nutrition and physical activity, it can be very frustrating and overwhelming for clients looking to lose fat.

Kaur certainly believes that Diet doesn’t mean starvation but to have all meals with optimum nutritional value thereby having sustainable solutions that eventually helps people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Learning healthy habits from a professional nutrition coach like Puneet Kaur’ brand Its Healthy Moms ensures the best success in long-term health and wellbeing

Much of Kaur’s Its Healthy Mom’s audience has been reading her blogs on Health and Nutrition. These readers have come to know and trust Kaur’s advice about drilling down to discover the truth about the foods, exercise, sleep, stress management, daily movement, habits, and more that can help us all live more awesome lives.

Puneet Kaur’s portal Its Healthy Moms’ mission is to help other women achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle and the well-being they truly deserve. She says, ” ‘Healthy Mom Healthy Family’ – is the notion behind my brand, ‘Its Healthy Moms’.” Being a mother, Puneet is very passionate about the health and wellness of all moms. She strongly feels that a mother can only keep her family healthy if she is herself healthy.


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