Different Ways To Style Your Saree For A Special Festival

India is a country with different festivals and wearing traditional clothes at different festivals and occasions like weddings is a popular trend. But, does it not get monotonous wearing a saree in a  similar style every time? Well, we understand that finding the perfect dress for a festival or occasion can be a tiring job.

From lehengas and palazzos to suits and sarees, there is so much in the market for women to offer that we often tend to get confused and end up picking up a saree from our wardrobe and wearing it to a function. Well, the Indian festival, as well as the wedding season, is fast approaching and we are sure that you must be planning to wear something ethnic to add to the festive vibes.

But what if we tell you that instead of racking your brains you can create a new outfit from your own saree? Yes, you heard us write. Here are some regal and fashionable styles in which you can drape your saree, and flaunt a different outfit this festive season. 

Belt Style: A very popular and trendy style these days, the belt style can now be seen worn by various celebrities and brides and it looks absolutely stunning. All you have to do is drape your saree exactly the same way you do and just add a belt that cinches your pallu at the waist. You can design a belt of your own or use a kamarbandh if you wish to go for a more traditional look. 

Dhoti Style: This offbeat yet stylish look is definitely the trend of the season. For draping a saree in dhoti style you need to wear leggings instead of a petticoat and this style is a bit tricky to wear but once done it looks super cool. You can look for various tutorials available online to drape your saree in this style and effortlessly ace the look in any function or festival

 Mermaid Style: This draping style spreads out at the lower part of the pleats, which looks like the tail of a mermaid and hence the name. Draping your saree in this style requires a few extra tucks and pleats here and there and it looks absolutely stunning once done. 

Pant Style: This easy and comfortable style is functional and super chic. To get this look, all you have to do is wear beautiful pants underneath the saree and drape the saree so that it is visible. This style involves some pleats and you can combine it with the belt style by wearing an elegant belt around the waist to give it a twist. 

Lehenga Style: Planning to wear a lehenga in the upcoming festival, well why not skip the hassle and drape your saree in a lehenga style that looks both fashionable and unique? Pretty easy to wear and carry, and to get this look all you have to do is pleat the whole 6 to 9 yards of your saree and leave some for the pallu. This gives you the perfect lehenga look and also looks equally beautiful. 

Front Pallu Style: One of the easiest and comfortable ways of draping your saree is to go for the front pallu style. All you have to do is firstly drape the saree in your usual style and then instead of carrying over the pallu to your left shoulder, carry it from the back to your right shoulder. A popular draping style in Gujarat, this style involve spreading out of the pleats, but you can also choose not to. 

Bookmark these style ladies for we are sure that you have already placed an order of rakhi with sweets online for your brother, and now it’s time to think about your rakhi outfit that will get you into the festive vibes.

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