Digital Gabbar: An Informative Web Portal That Is Nurturing New Creators

If you love your work, you’ll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody around will catch the passion from you – like a fever. ~ Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

Successful people are always mum when asked about their secret methods. There are a handful of individuals that aim to help everyone achieve the same success as theirs. Mr. Rohit Mehta is one of those few individuals who are willing to educate the budding entrepreneurs and creators about the nuances of digital marketing. He started Digital Gabbar last year when the inception of the pandemic obliterated the careers of many individuals. Digital Gabbar has become a congregation of influencers and creators that regularly visit the platform to learn a new skill or two.

On being asked about his generosity towards novice creators and the idea of sharing his trade secrets, he says, “I still remember my early experience with digital marketing. Back when knowledge was scarce with no information medium in sight, I was dejected but never gave up on my dream. I am well aware of the fact that there is no shortage of knowledge portals now. But those portals cost a lot, sometimes far beyond the budget of a novice creator who is eager to learn.

Digital Gabbar strives to liberate the restraints from the knowledge and spread it to interested readers. You can find almost anything pertaining to the digital marketing niche on the web portal. I frequently get emails from many creators who were able to leverage my portal to build a successful career out of it. I’m happy that my idea took off in such a short time and is helping others to carve their own space in the industry.”

Mr. Rohit Mehta is still a techie by heart and loves to explore the advancement in technology and the IT industry. He holds a firm command over the IT methodologies and has a decade-long experience working with prominent IT brands and government bodies. Mr. Rohit Mehta also holds a certification from Microsoft, which serves as a testament to his rich skill-set. It is perplexing to know that in the era where students barely manage to focus on a single education field, he easily managed to complete two of them.

He intended to learn more about businesses and their operations and then integrate the knowledge with IT methodologies. He says, “Having an IT degree was not entirely rewarding at first. When I gained cognizance of the efficacy of digital marketing, I started using my business skills to generate a passive income stream for myself. It started with a single blog but now I have many successful informative blogs running on the internet that help me to multiply my income. I am restless when it comes to success and keep on exploring new options and opportunities.

At first, it was blogging, then slowly I combined it with digital marketing, and then I began providing digital marketing services to businesses. With Digital Gabbar, I am trying to bridge the gap between an individual and their success.”

Digital Gabbar is serving as a credible source of information with actual industry experience behind it. Digital Gabbar has already established a huge fan base that adheres to every suggestion that they make. Mr. Rohit Mehta explains the idea behind Digital Gabbar and says, “The pandemic has hurt the global economy from inside and the wounds are too deep to heal. When the pandemic started, a lot of dexterous professionals lost their jobs due to massive layoffs. The industry did not even spare the high-level staff that gave 10-20 years to the company.

All the established careers were destroyed in a second. Even the placement companies retracted their steps from colleges. My conscience could not deal with the fact that there was so much unemployment even when there is so much earning potential in the digital marketing space. This thought compelled me to launch Digital Gabbar and help individuals during these testing times.”

He further explains, “Digital Gabbar is supposed to be the sole destination of legitimate information about digital marketing, blogging, IT, and career prospects. I have assembled a team of like-minded experts that frequently updated Digital Gabbar with fresh topics and thorough explanations about them.

I do not want to spread misleading claims about the digital marketing industry. It is a goldmine of opportunities waiting to be excavated by you. It is only possible with the right guidance and an undying fire for achieving success at any cost.”

Digital Gabbar caters to many niches, making it a multifaceted web portal for a reliable source of information. Mr. Rohit Mehta wants to grow the web portal further so that its reach extends beyond geographical barriers. He talks about the way learning has evolved amid the pandemic.

I am glad that the internet has reached even the remote areas of our country. It was the only obstructing factor that limited knowledge access. With Digital Gabbar as your aide, you don’t have to run from pillar to post or spend an exorbitant amount to learn digital marketing. We intend to help each and every eager individual to join our community and reap the benefits of digital marketing. We are also planning on interviewing the digital space moguls, to share their success stories and insights on the platform. It will help the audience to learn about the factors that drove them to success and also motivate them to work more.

Mr. Rohit Mehta is a seasoned author and has published six books until now. These books are bilingual (Hindi and English) as these are the two most common languages spoken throughout the country.

He even has a Hindi version of Digital Gabbar so that users that are not proficient in English can still learn the caveats of digital marketing. The books contain an earnest overview with a detailed explanation of marketing strategies and how to mold them to your entrepreneurial needs.

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