Digital Marketer Bhoomi Dilguri Aspires to Be a Competitive and Popular Social Media Influencer

Bhoomi Dilguri is garnering a good response around her life after she embarked on her own digital marketing firm. She wears different hats as far as her involvement in different creative things are concerned. She likes acting, singing, dancing and she is also an artist. While she also managed to bag a good round of applause in her school and college from her teachers, management and mentors that inspired her to remain active in different fields.

At the same time, she also made sure to keep abreast with the modern day times  by learning and exploring the different social media platforms. She got an edge on it along with learning and mastering the art of digital marketing tools and strategies. She soon embarked with her digital marketing and PR. She was able to win good clients as she is among the emerging social media influencers as well. She keeps on sharing a number of things for her fans and friends that multiplied her fanbase.

She is good in her work that has made herself popular despite the fact that she is so young. Despite being mere 17 years of age, she has earned much more than the people of her age and even older to her gain in their lives. For her exceptional work, she has been covered in a number of top newspapers and magazines like The Statesman and many more. She aspires to work hard to gain more and more followers on social media so that she can emerge as the strongest and potent social media influencer on the web world.

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