Digital Marketer Duo Ankit Singh and Pankaj Goswami Shares 6 Business Benefits of Being on Instagram

Instagram gives you the chance to learn more about your audience and reach them very easily. Imagery, whether pictures or videos, always travel more online especially through social networks than the written word as images offer optical stimulation and capture the mind of people more than text.

Your company can use Instagram to maintain an eye on your opponents and see how they communicate with their followers. Watch anxiously to find out how often they post, what they are posting, and how they engage with their followers. You can use the data you gather to better define your own personal strategy.

These days, customers tend to judge a market probability based on its proximity on (or absence from) social media. But which social platforms are fairly worth the time and the effort that it takes to be successful? Today we’re concentrating on an incredibly popular and powerful program where many businesses are enjoying various benefits. Let’s give it up for Facebook’s more immature, faster-growing, and arguably prettier sister, Instagram.

Ankit Singh and Pankaj Goswami are digital marketers without any former training. Both are also experts in Google Analytics, Facebook ads, SEO & website traffic management. Due to their dedication to work, they are generation 30 Million FB transactions14 million Instagram traffic approx.

Here they share 6 Business Benefits of Being on Instagram.

Mr. Pankaj Goswami is a pious practitioner of digital marketing services to help brands rise to the surface. He has collaborated with numerous small-scale startups and assisted them to add a significant chunk of sales and revenue. Mr. Ankit Singh has more tricks up his sleeve when it comes to digital marketing strategies. He is an expert blogger who has run numerous successful blogs pertaining to education, technology, and lifestyle in the past. 

1. Instagram has a more committed audience than Facebook.

In terms of overall reputation, Facebook still wears the pants in the social media world. But social media is ever-evolving and statistics prove that Instagram’s users are indeed much more engaged and impressionable than Facebook’s.

Recent reports indicate that Instagram has 58 times more numerous engagement per follower than Facebook. Studies also show that Facebook users tend to shy away from advertisements much more frequently than Instagram’s users: 32% of Facebook users regularly join with brands, while 68% of Instagram users do. These high match rates make Instagram an absolute haven for businesses looking to engage consumers.

2. Instagram embraces creativity.

Newsfeeds on Instagram are often equivalent to art galleries. It’s no mystery that this social platform is filled with an excess of colorful, high-quality, fun, and visually appealing photos and videos. Businesses can jump on the creative bandwagon by using Instagram to increase their products and services, show behind-the-scenes looks of their company’s daily workings, and give followers particular tastes of their company culture.

3. Instagram suggests “stories.”

An Instagram story is a unique characteristic that allows users to post customizable photos or videos that vanish after 24 hours. These stories are prominently promoted atop a user’s main newsfeed. Stories offer even more creative elements, such as drawing and writing tools, increased presence filter options, and the ability to include locations, hashtags, and mentions of other users.

More recently, Instagram has added the facility to have “featured stories.” These can be received on a business profile and are able to be viewed once the initial 24-hour period ends.

4. Instagram allows ads.

Similar to Facebook, business accounts on Instagram have the possibility of paying to promote their content. This practice is very beneficial, especially considering the above statistics that demonstrate how responsive Instagram’s audience is to these types of ads. Another benefit to exhibit on Instagram is that the ads are capable of being highly targeted based on a user’s location, age, gender, or interests. Jobs can also include links in their promoted posts, enabling users to click to learn more about them. Businesses are also able to highlight ads in their stories. 

5. Instagram syncs with Facebook.

Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion. This acquisition came with multiple benefits for businesses seeking to juggle these two platforms. As we discussed above, the concept of Instagram and Facebook ads is very similar in nature. Because these communications are under the same ownership, businesses are now able to run the same advertisement on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, adding seamless, easily available integration. This intends that any time a company runs an ad on either of these platforms, they can automatically double their reach!

6. Instagram gives useful analytics.

Measuring accomplishment on Instagram is quite simple. Of course, businesses can control their follower counts and overall engagement activities, like views and clicks. But taking it a step further, built-in analytic reports help businesses easily interpret the results of their Instagram advertising campaigns. Useful analytics like these help businesses quickly identify which types of Instagram posts work best, setting them up for provided success.

Hence Ankit Singh and Pankaj Goswami conclude that No matter what industry, Instagram is a perfect platform to grow revenue for your business. No joking, from fashion, fitness supplements, dog ranchers, etc. They have seen each category gain from dozens to thousands of likes on Instagram but most importantly traffic to your online business or blog. Even if you’re a small local business owner, there are advantages of using Instagram just for local business.

They have experienced all of these Instagram benefits for their own business and my clients, that’s why they had to write this article for all– small business owners especially. Get first of your competitors, download the Instagram app and start gaining these benefits of using Instagram for business today.

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