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Digital Marketing Expert Liridon Vrapca on Giving Your Clients Tangible Results

He delves into the importance of adopting a client-centric approach and providing unique value adds.

The proliferation of digital marketing on the internet has revolutionized the way brands position themselves. It is a powerful marketing tool that is more focused, target-oriented, cost-effective, and has augmented reach, unlike traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing has accelerated the connection between companies and consumers and made it easier to identify the efficiency of the campaigns due to instant results.

However, according to digital marketing expert Liridon Vrapca, with brands competing fiercely on the digital platform, it has become imperative to have an efficient digital marketing campaign to impact the consumers and gain an edge over the competitors. He further adds, “Nowadays, the use of web traffic and conversion metric techniques help in accurately gauging the performance of a brand campaign. With the advantage of making educated and informed decisions, it has facilitated the deliverance of superior marketing strategies that give clients tangible positive results, including a high conversion rate.”

Vrapca asserts, “It is crucial to understand the nature of the client’s business, the target audience, and identify the goals to create a customized strategy that will generate leads, increase conversions and optimize the performance on social media platforms. Also, unique value addition is essential to ensure a competitive edge and distinctiveness to stand out.”

A proficient social media expert and software developer, Vrapca was born in Switzerland and raised in Kosovo. Enraptured by information technology from a young age, he proceeded to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Business and Technology, Kosovo. He completed 15 certification courses related to computer networking, Linux, programming languages, CompTIA a+, and more. Since then, he has worked as a software developer, launched his digital marketing company WAKRS, and is a sought after social media expert.


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