Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks From Expert Online Business Coach

Owen Hone

The digital sphere is evolving at the speed of light. To keep your online business afloat, it is vital to keep track of the ever-changing marketing trends and know how to adapt.

Against the backdrop of the unpredictable alterations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there is an active transition of businesses to online. Marketers are forced to optimize ad budgets and redistribute them between different channels. New trends are emerging in digital marketing and the positions of proven working tools are strengthened.

Owen Hone, Head of the Authentic Creation coaching company and an expert in the field of digital brand development, shared with us some of the internet marketing trends to watch out for in 2021.

Use Smart Metrics

Although the end-to-end analytics method is used by only 10% of advertisers, its increasing usage is what the digital market is heading towards.

The method is used for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing investments in each separate channel, tracing all interactions with a customer on the way to purchase: from viewing ads to placing an order and making a payment.

Yet Owen teaches his customers the marketing metrics that are even rarer and barely used by advertisers. One such method is the Jedi algorithm.

“We teach you different Jedi algorithm hacks and strategies to get 10’s and if not 100’s of your ideal customers and team members engaging with your content. 99% of online business owners don’t get this right, and it’s one of the reasons our clients consistently get such great results working with us”, Owen tells us.

When you know which advertising tools are bringing in more customers, you can concentrate your efforts and resources on them, abandoning ineffective ones.

“Success is structural, not personal. If you’re not “receiving” money, it’s because you don’t have the appropriate sales and marketing structure to make sales, and therefore to receive money into your bank account. You are not broken, and you don’t need to change who you are to be more successful. Find someone who has done it, and get a proven process to collapse time and reach your goals faster”, says Owen.

Master Content Creation

An online shopper is a skeptical person armed with negative experiences, as we all are.

The purpose of the text is to remove all objections and concerns of the buyer, to answer all his questions. Selling text is a salesperson substitute. Such texts accompany the user throughout the entire sales funnel, from the moment they visit your site until the moment they make a purchase.

“Your content must focus the clients’ attention on the unique opportunity to solve their problems or make their life better. In the process of writing the text (and in general in the process of marketing), develop the habit of looking at everything through the eyes of the client: “What will I really get from the purchase?”, says Owen.

Define Your Mission

It is very important to define your brand and positioning in the market, as this will help you stand out from the same type of offerings. To do this, Owen tells us, one needs to answer three questions:

  • What mission do you want to fulfill?
  • What are the core values ​​of your business?
  • What makes you different from other companies offering similar products?

“Ask yourself who you are, what you are trying to do, and what makes you different. Remember that mission and values ​​are not an abstract nice addition to your image, they are the main tool for sales and audience targeting. Having formed a certain image, you will be able to work with those people who share your position. After all, it is impossible to please everyone”, he adds.

Having guided various entrepreneurs towards earning over $50,000 in a matter of months, Owen’s professional expertise is a safe bet for anyone wishing to achieve the same goals.

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