Digital Marketing – What to Expect in 2021 According to Alekh Kumar Parida

Digital marketing is a dynamic form of advertising that keeps on reinventing itself year after year. In 2020 the digital marketing landscape was highly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses moving their operations online and having to find ways to market themselves on the internet. 2021 will not be any different, according to Alekh Kumar Parida, and businesses have to start thinking of the trends to implement in their digital marketing strategy.

Alekh Kumar Parida is a 20-year-old producer and digital marketer who, despite his young age, has already carved his niche in the digital marketing world and has worked with several renowned celebrities. As someone who primarily uses the internet for influencing and marketing, Alekh Kumar has been observing trends in 2020 and gives his take on what to expect in 2021.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game for sure, and we are going to see more businesses adopting digital marketing strategies than before,” Alekh Kumar’s opines.

One of the fast-rising trends that businesses should capitalize on is voice search. The number of people that use voice search on their devices is expected to increase, and companies should optimize their SEO strategy to include keywords used in voice search. This is because users tend to speak in longer sentences (such as “which bakery has the best pastries in downtown Los Angeles”) instead of the few words used during a text search (such as “bakeries in Los Angeles.”)

Micro-influencers are going to be more popular than before. In previous years, brands used to partner with macro-influencers with millions of followers. This has, time and again, proven not to be as effective since they are costly (some ask for over USD 15,000 per post) and have low engagement rates. On the other hand, micro-influencers have proven to be effective – they charge less, have higher engagement rates with their followers, and can easily influence them to purchase a product.

Video advertising will grow even more, with studies showing that about a third of shoppers purchase a product after seeing a video ad. With platforms such as YouTube, and Instagram stories attracting lots of views, brands should focus not only on photos but also on videos.

“Each year comes with different trends in digital marketing, and businesses should be flexible enough to change their digital marketing strategies to adapt to the market,” Alekh Kumar concludes.

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