Digital Virtuoso Harish Pednekar Unfolds 4 P’s That Shaped Up His Life as a Topnotch Entrepreneur

The secret recipe to be successful is to keep working hard. “There are no shortcuts to reach on top. After all, life is not an elevator. You have to climb the steps called trying, failing and repeating until you reach your destination called success”, quotes the celebrated digital expert Harish Pednekar. He is the man with diverse talents and is one of the budding names from the digital world. Started working at a very early age in the field of entertainment, Harish worked as a prominent journalist before embarking his journey as an entrepreneur. With an experience of more than 7 years in the media and entertainment industry, this young man decided to explore the world of public relations, digital marketing and image reputation.

Being the founder of Millennial PR and Digital, the entrepreneur has aced every project that has come in his way. The Mumbai-based company is a one-stop destination for all the digital solutions including marketing, public relations, online image reputation, social media marketing and much more. Born in the city of dreams, Mumbai, the digital expert has served clients all over India and even in the overseas. The 360-degree digital company is an association of Pednekar with his close friend Shruti Dahibavkar who is gaining name and fame in providing PR services to celebrities, brands and various other organizations.

The digital expert in his career has worked with many reputed names from Bollywood. Harish says superstar Shah Rukh Khan always inspired him to become a self-made man which he is today. At just 26, Pednekar is living a life of his dreams. Turning dreams into reality has seen a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, patience and most importantly the belief to achieve the impossible. Sharing his experience, Harish Pednekar jots down the 4 P’s that changed his life forever.


As an entrepreneur, Pednekar says that passion is the key. “You should not do anything just to please people. Do it for yourself. Passion comes from within”, he quoted. For him, a person without passion is a man without a soul. He believes that passion should not be mixed with a hobby or your profession. Since college, this dynamic personality was passionate to be a leader and not be pressurized with authoritative power. A true workaholic and passionate about work, he never waits for weekends as every day is a new challenge and of course, an opportunity.


A committed and thorough professional is what describes Pednekar as one of the most sought entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur, he has had the quality of perseverance which is very important for every entrepreneur. Always opting for difficult challenges, this man creates a path of his own rather than following everyone. He says, “I did not find the spark as an entrepreneur instantly. Failures, rejections and self-doubts have always haunted me, but the spirit of never giving up and the continued effort of achieving the impossible always keeps me going. Blessed are those who persevere in their lives and I am one of them.” (smiles)


Progress is what every businessman strives for. While many believe in progressing at a fast pace, Harish has a completely different take. In his entrepreneurial journey, he has bloomed at a slow yet significant pace. As a child, the story of tortoise and rabbit always inspired him. He says that if you work fast, you will get tired and become lethargic. “Work at your own pace but make sure to give your 100 per cent. As per the story, the tortoise gave its 100 per cent and he was consistent in the race which made him a winner.” Following this golden rule of slow progress rather than no progress goes apt in Harish’s entrepreneurial journey.


For entrepreneurs, patience is understanding the fact that overnight success occurs after years and not after days and months. Pednekar considers himself blessed to have this life. Speaking about his quality of being patient, he stated that he did not get any desired result after working for five years, but in the sixth year, life changed and how. He added, “It is all about the timing. There’s no rush to win the world. Focus on your long-term direction and make sure to never stop believing in your dream.”

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