Digital Yuan Surges 85% in a Week as Investors Look for new Opportunities Outside Stocks

With the Construction Bank of China expanding its operations in the cryptocurrency sector, it is clear that China is aiming to beat US-based companies with the next big coin. They have Facebook’s Libra coin clearly in their sights, and with over $ 50 billion in trade and that number is only growing, it’s clear that the Chinese government wants a piece of the crypto pie.

Digital Yuan has surged almost 230% in January of 2021 after major institutional investors started moving a larger part of their assets towards lower market-cap securities.

In response to international media coverage, Yuan Team LLC has completed an independent investigation, asking more than 26,000 investors globally

It has found that more than 93.8% have considered investing in the Digital Yuan, and more than 70% of them have been new investors.Research shows that the Digital Yuan is one of the most coveted digital currencies, set to grow thousands of times in the near future.

A major world government has just give the world of cryptocurrencies a huge vote of confidence and legitimation. The Chinese government has just announced that it has chosen a preferred company for buy and trade this new currency: the Group YuanPay . The sale of the Chinese currency officially began on 7 January 2021 and currently these coins can only be bought in YuanPay Group .

In fact, China’s Vice Finance Minister Liu Kun reported that his new official currency indicating the price is only CNY 0.12

If you are interested in investing early and starting an investment round to buy some Chinese coins yourself, be sure to visit the China Coin website. If you’re still unsure, take a look at their promotional website:

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