Digitalization Has a Lot To Offer If Used Right – Iqbal Singh , Founder WAF Entrepreneurs

It’s the era of digitalization. Everything is just one click away and easy to access. From ordering food to paying bills everything is online.  It comes with many opportunities. The pandemic has left a heinous effects on everybody’s life. Many lost their jobs in the pandemic.

But now as everything is online there is also an opportunity to start something of your own there as well. Many people even established themselves by setting up things on the internet It’s easier to reach and access.  But what exactly do you need?

WAF entrepreneurs led it’s foundation in 2013. The foundation was led by Iqbal Singh.  He thought of making it easy for the young entrepreneurs to establish themselves.  Nowadays everyone is trying to set themselves online to let go the extra unnecessary efforts required. So we can say there is plenty of fish in the sea.

WAF provides you with a mentor who will help you according to your requirements and guide you.A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope within yourself. When one loses the focus or can’t find a road ahead or to choose between the right options.

When someone is initially growing every step every action matters a lot. And here is where the mentors play their part. They will guide you how to play your cards to come into the eyes of the audience.  This is the biggest deal right now. And after that shape your ideas better and execute them. And a mentor’s experience will surely work in your favour.

Iqbal Singh is basically providing a good opportunity which he felt lack of when he started. We can say he is creating career opportunities.

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