Dilshan Randeer Ilangasinghe: Srilanka’s Versatile Musical Artist and a Digital Expert

Music has always been witnessed as a path to soothe  the heart and mind, while some semblances of it are known to uplift the mood and make the listener shut out the worries and shake a leg to the tune.

All-inclusive, music has always had varying efficacies, be it calming one’s mind to energizing up the soul, and the entire commendation is for the artist that creates the beautiful form of art recognized as music.

Marassana Ilangasinghage Dilshan Randeer Ilangasinghe is one such commendable and illustrious musical artist and geek. Born on March 20, 1996, in Dambulla City, currently situated in the Central Province Srilanka, Dilshan Randeer Ilangasinghe is a multi-skilled and adept music connoisseur, prominently known as a “Musical Artist and professionally renowned as the Srilankan “Musician”.

A Composer, a Digital Music Producer and an artist, he has revered in the Srilankan music industry at such a young age. He commenced his journey in the music industry through his first album – “Wonder Nature” unveiled on Soundcloud primarily. But a great piece of music knows no boundaries. Within a small time span, Dilshan released his music on sundry platforms like Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon music, JioSaavan, Tidal, Musixmatch and many others international platforms like deezer, Pandora and  iHeartRadio.

With his music present across TikTok, Instagram and Facebook library, Dilshan Randeer Ilangasinghe has not limited himself to the confines of being a professional artist, but he is also a Digital creator with great endeavours to his name. The Founder and CEO at Infocusgrid Business Solutions, and a Managing Director at Webfixco, alongside connected to a vast multitude of corporal and Digital ventures, associated with the digital and the technical domain.

The digital creator holds the conviction that Visual Designing in the Digital Creation Industry attracts, impels, propels and motivates people to be responsive to the messages in Modern World, with a perspective  to make a favourable impact in Innovation Technology world! Being one of the distinguished artists, he has established his presence concretely on an assortment of platforms.

He holds a – Verified YouTube Artist Channel , a Verified Youtube Music, a Verified Tidal, a Verified Spotify Page ,a Verified Musixmatch ,a Verified JioSaavn and a great deal of other platforms as well.

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