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Director Nilladriz on the Making of “Delivery Boys” Post-Pandemic

Here’s how one director’s creative process changed due to the pandemic.

As a result of the global COVID-19 crisis, most industries have been backed into a corner and forced to adapt to government guidelines. While there are different ways that entrepreneurs have been able to make it through, the film industry, specifically, has suffered greatly. As a result, production companies have turned to selling through independent means or through exclusive licensing deals with video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime. The film industry has turned upside down, and, with people no longer being able to visit the movie theater, a window of opportunity for said streaming services to acquire films and create distance from competitors is at an all time high.

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected many people in the film industry, changing the process of filmmaking across the board. The good news is that not only are big budget blockbusters being targeted for purchase, but independent films are being scooped up left and right in hopes to keep a fresh catalog of films for consumers. We had the opportunity to chat with director Nilladriz during the making of his new film Delivery Boys and how COVID-19 has effected filming.

What is Delivery Boys about?

Delivery Boys is a late-night comedy about a pizza delivery boy and his best friend. Together, they take on the night, delivering to your not-so-average neighborhoods.  Every door and every interaction is rich in laughter and is to be remembered.

How has COVID-19 effected the filming of the movie?

We’ve been actively abiding to CDC guidelines when shooting. All people part of the project were required to get tested for COVID-19 prior to the first day of shooting. Masks are worn on set at all times, and we’ve really trimmed down how many people are on set day to day.

We’ve seen you mention that you have some notable names in music on your movie’s soundtrack. When will we know exactly who’s a part of it?

Not all paperwork is final yet so I don’t want to mention someone then come release date they’re not on the soundtrack. But what I can say is, if I’ve worked with them in the past, they very much could be on soundtrack.

What is it like on set of an Nilladriz project?

I try to instill a super light-hearted energy on set. At the end of the day, it’s work, so we treat it as is, but we definitely have fun when shooting.

Where do you see the film industry in the next 5 years?

I believe traditional movie theaters will be extinct. COVID-19 has given streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon the chance to target and exclusively own films that would’ve been in theaters prior to social distancing. As a result, movies are being shopped around like never before. At one point, the movie business was completely regulated by industry giants playing the role of gatekeeper. But now everyone has a chance.

While the film industry already has many different issues that need to be addressed, the corona virus outbreak hasn’t helped. Because of the new focus on remote interactions and purchases, most entrepreneurs have shifted their focus to building online businesses. This has also caused a shift in the way movies and films will be seen in the future. Streaming services are seeing most of the money, while in-person viewing establishments like movie theaters are suffering. According to The Washington Post, Netflix has added over 16 million subscribers during the corona virus. This has driven the demand for content made specifically for these streaming services and has opened doors for upcoming filmmakers and directors like Nilladriz.

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