Director Tayyofficial Is Separating Himself From His Peers Amid The Pandemic

Elevating in a time of question

To say that Philadelphia director Tayyofficial is in demand is an understatement. He’s been a frequent collaborator of several rising talents coming out of the South and worked with acts such as Lil Muk and SpotemGottem. His past few visual efforts have amassed a whopping million YouTube views, making this one of the most phenomenal years Tayyofficial has had thus far.

From artists like YXNG K.A to Raw Youngin, Donte Tucker has thrived amidst the pandemic and ultimately, shot through the ceiling with his eye-grabbing visuals. In our latest interview, we had the opportunity to speak with the rapidly-growing cameraman about his journey into music direction, separating himself from others, and his direction in the forthcoming years.

Tell us a Little bit About Yourself and Your Journey Into Photography and Music Direction

I got into directing videos by just experimenting actually. A friend of mine asked me since I can make cover art could I edit videos? I said “I don’t know, I never tried” and bought a camera a couple of days later and shot and edited my first video then I just went up from there.

If you can Recall, What was your Favorite Moment That you had a Chance to Shoot?

My favorite moment I’ve shot so far was doing the behind-the-scenes of YXNG K.A’s “It Is What It Is” featuring J.I. and Lil Tjay video for its remix. It’s one of my favorites because I shot the original video and to see how well it did to see a remix with two other great artists on it definitely was an amazing experience.

What is it Like on the set of a Tayyofficial Project?

What it’s like on set with Tayyofficial is smooth, I’m always open to the artist’s idea if they have any and I make sure to break down things we will be doing for the video so the artist can know what’s going on and not confused.

As a Professional in the Space, What Would you Recommend Someone to do to Separate Themselves From Just Being Somebody With a Camera?

To separate yourself from just being somebody with a camera is by thinking outside the box and doing creative things. I feel as if you keep it typical it’ll never stand out try to spice your videos up a bit that can be by how you shoot the video to how you edit it just be creative.

In Regards to Directing, Where do you see Yourself Going in the Next Several Years?

In the next several years, I see myself having a great production company that produces amazing videos and films, also I see myself gathering up some hungry people from my city to experience what it’s like to work with celebrities and what it’s like to be able to do what you want to do in life even if no one believes in you.

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