Disability Attorneys that Fight for You

Three most important things to look for when hiring a disability attorney

Taking on the Veteran Affairs Office can seem intimidating, but sometimes it needs to be done. Despite their best intentions, Veterans Affairs makes issues sometimes. Whether you’re confused about the process of filing a disability claim, or you’re interested in filing a dispute about a claim you’ve already placed, the right attorney can make all the difference in the world.

But finding the right attorney can be difficult. Here are some things you need to consider when you’re weighing your options.

Find an Authentic Specialist

If veteran disability law is just one of a dozen “specialties” listed by a law office, it might be time to reconsider. While many attorneys promise their knowledge in a wide variety of different sub-disciplines, VA disability claims require someone who knows what they’re doing.

The regulations and paperwork involved benefit clients with lawyers who know how to navigate this specific bureaucratic landscape, and they understand the factors that go into a disability claim. Their goal is to make a case for you, and their most significant advantage is that they intimately understand the audience you’re making that case to.

So don’t be afraid to ask hard questions. Dig deep into how many cases they’ve covered in this field and what their success rates are. And ask general questions to get a feel for how much they know. Coming prepared and treating it as a job interview for your new hire will dramatically increase the odds you’ll hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Place Value in Transparency

In the field of law, transparency and guarantees are like oil and vinegar. A lawyer who promises you a win will often underdeliver. A good VA disability lawyer will instead give you the information you need to weigh your options.

There’s rarely one singular way to make a disability claim. Instead, there are different options with different odds of success. And a VA disability lawyer worth their salt will present you with each so you can decide for yourself. This is where that sense of credibility comes in. Anyone can tell you what the odds are, but it’s best believed by someone who can deliver statistics.

The critical thing to keep in mind is that there is no certainty in disability law. What’s presented as a “win” by many lawyers may feel like significantly less. Be honest with yourself, and don’t just pick the lawyer that promises you the highest settlement outright.

And Find Someone Who Communicates Well

Filing for disability claims often requires a lot of travel back and forth between VA and physician offices. But the Coronavirus pandemic has made everything digital. That means that you can have an attorney on the other side of the country and not have to expose yourself to the outside world.

But it also means that it’s essential to have a lawyer who will keep you up-to-date on all the current developments. An attorney who’s open and honest with you from the start is more likely to maintain good communications throughout your case, but you may want to do a little outside investigation.

If you’re looking for a disability lawyer, seek out a name like Berry Law. Their firm has over 20 years of experience representing clients in VA disability cases, which means that you’ll get the specialized and efficient treatment you deserve.

Whether you’re unsatisfied with the doctor’s assessment or simply looking for help getting your claim started, they can walk you through your legal options about the VA and help you better understand the situation you’re in.


Written by Jacob M

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