Discover Mr. Bright Enabulele, OduwaCoin Creator That Wants To Put Cryptocurrency In The Hands Of Indigenous People

Oduwacoin platform was recently introduced as a Pan-African digital currency, and has already created lots of excitement and anticipation from people of African descent. This new platform is focused on the people of Africa with the intent to teach them financial maturity, literacy, and how to achieve socio-economic independence.

Mr. Enabulele is a co-founder devoted to get Oduwacoin in the hands of the people who will truly benefit from it. Blockchain technology is  new and has provided lucrative benefits to millions of people, but many people are still in the dark and do not know how profitable it is. Innovative minds such as Mr. Enabulele have  paved the way so that those who are truly in need may benefit from the abilities of this technology.

Mr. Enabulele is one of the few minds that realized how beneficial this 21st century technology is but rather than keep it a secret and  profit from it as much as possible, he studied it and figured out a way to share it with those who truly need it. Mr. Enabulele was introduced to this technology as a software engineer whose interest in blockchain came alive in 2010.

Since then, Enabulele has sustained an effort to bring  countless benefits of blockchain to indigenous communities. Since Bright Enabulele is of African descent, his immediate thought after learning the benefits of blockchain has been to pass it on to his fellow countrymen. When he began getting involved in blockchain, he decided to capitalize on this revolutionary technology so that he would be able to create economic opportunities and financial empowerment for underserved communities.

As the Co-Founder of Oduwa Blockchain Solutions, Mr.Enabulele has helped develop a Fintech solution named Oduwacoin, through which users can send digital currency quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world without having to worry about international restrictions.

Considering how much technology has advanced in the 21st century, it is clear that people of Africa  have been neglected and left in the dark for too long. They do not have access to this technology and cannot benefit from it. Oduwacoin as per Mr. Enabulele is the Global Equalizer.

He is working hard to get Oduwacoin owners to engage in mining, crypto trading, and merchant settlement, from a safe and secure platform that will permit them to get familiar with the concept. Mr. Enabulele’s vision is, ”Everyone with a cellphone can and should have access to a wider global digital economy thus diminishing the restrictions caused by territorial borders”, it is this belief that has driven him create Oduwacoin that will ultimately unite people of African descent around the world.

In keeping with this mission, Mr. Enabulele and his team have  created a digital foundation that revolutionizes the way people of African descent trade with the rest of the world.

Oduwacoin is a cryptocurrency network that helps transfer digital cash to anyone, anywhere on the globe without any fees or restrictions. The entire Oduwacoin Network is super-efficient, fast, secure, reliable as well as ensuring that there is no fraud or double spending. Oduwacoin is a free open-source project derived from collaborative blockchain frameworks to provide a long-term Energy-Efficient SCRYPT-Based Cryptocurrency.

Built on the foundation of Hybrid Blockchain POW/POS, innovations such as proof-of-stake help further advance the field of crypto-currency and boost the concept of nearly No- Cost transaction fees for all OWC users to send and receive Oduwacoin. Mr. Enabulele does not want to see his fellow natives continue being left in the past and not having access to these beneficial resources that the rest of the world does have.

He is genuinely passionate about blockchain and wants to work towards putting it in the reach of people who will benefit greatly from it. 


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