Businesses use PR campaigns to establish brand identity, garner interest from consumers, and increase sales. The money invested in these campaigns should help enterprises reach larger audiences, grow, and make more profit through additional sales. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. If a campaign doesn’t go viral, businesses don’t get the desired ROI.

One woman, Sabrina Stocker, knows what it takes to create a viral PR campaign that gets the attention it deserves. As the founder of Two Comma PR, Stocker used her expertise in the field, along with her knack for storytelling, to create a campaign for Shopping Slot, another company co-founded by Stocker. The idea behind Shopping Slot was to provide a platform that allowed consumers to see which companies could deliver products within their desired timeframe.

“We had high hopes for it but didn’t expect it to take off as quickly as it did. Dozens of press publications picked it up, ultimately helping us gain more than 100,000 users in a single day. The numbers continued to increase, and we ended up with close to a half a million users in a little over a month,” said Stocker. “When everything started happening, the website crashed! We didn’t think we’d have that many users checking out the site so quickly. The website crash was a slight hiccup along the way, but it was a good one to have.”

Stocker created a campaign that went viral with ease. Shopping Slot received significant exposure that caused exponential growth to occur at such a fast pace. Ideally, it’s what other businesses strive to achieve when creating their PR campaigns. While it may seem challenging, Stocker has some excellent advice for others.

“Building a personal brand is a great way to get started. It helps the business connect with the consumers on a deeper level that resonates with them. You want to make sure that people can use Google to search for information on your business and quickly find it,” shared Stocker.

“Make it easier for people to find information about you since your PR campaign contains all the important details on your business and the brand you’ve created. Put thought into planning the perfect website, making it easy for anyone to use. Use software to give you details on your website’s activity. Most importantly, come up with the perfect pitch and then reach out to journalists interested in your niche. The extra effort goes a long way.”

Journalists are always looking for the next big story to tell. If they have someone pitching this remarkable story to them, they often feel more inclined to learn more about it and publish content on it. Businesses need to use this to their advantage to maximize exposure and make a name for themselves online.

“Pitching to journalists sounds daunting. Don’t let the fear keep you from shooting your shot. You can reach out to journalists via Twitter to connect with them. The worst that could happen is they don’t respond. However, it’s unlikely, especially if you’re letting them know how much you like their work before you start pitching to them,” said Stocker. If it’s one thing Sabrina Stocker has taught other entrepreneurs, it’s that if you can get your campaign in front of the right people, you can maximize your success.

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