Discovering a Passion: The Story of Bridal Stitch with Founder Brittney Jewkes

It has been said that most people spend more time planning their wedding day than any other single event in their lives. With so many moving parts and details to work with, it is no surprise that planning for and executing on “the big day” is often an incredibly stressful and time-consuming experience for couples.

No one understands this more and is more dedicated to eliminating that stress for the soon-to-be newlyweds than Brittney Jewkes, founder of Bridal Stitch Wedding Planning. She recently shared the story of how she discovered her passion for wedding planning and how it led to a purpose-driven business. 

Jewkes was inspired to create Bridal Stitch from a place of passion because of the challenges and obstacles she had to overcome during her own wedding. Her destination-based wedding took place on a luxury cruise line set sail for St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Jewkes looked at every challenge and obstacle as a blessing and handled all things that came her way with grace.

There was no task too big or too small that Jewkes couldn’t handle. She decorated the ceremony and styled the reception herself upon arrival and managed to pull it all off to perfection and even received multiple compliments about how incredible everything turned out. From that moment forward, Jewkes knew that she wanted to dedicate herself to serving brides and grooms on their special day. 

The morning after she woke up from her wedding day she knew her desire and purpose was to help lead and guide couples throughout their journey of becoming one in helping achieve their wedding goals and build something great as a couple.

Since the founding of Bridal Stitch Wedding Planning, Jewkes has been able to identify three commonly experienced difficulties that her company focuses on helping couples navigate. 

1. Navigating the Budget

One of the most common challenges for couples during the wedding planning process is to make decisions that stay within a specified budget. Working with an excellent wedding planner can help you to maximize virtually any budget.

“We can guide you through your budget, help you receive vendor discounts and point out important aspects of your special day while keeping you within your price range. We know that sometimes the most affordable enhancements can be found in the most important details,” Jewkes states.

2. Navigating the Chaos

With so many moving parts to manage during the wedding planning and execution process, couples very often become overwhelmed and sometimes details can get overlooked. Partnering with an expert allows couples to focus on their shared vision instead of getting bogged down in the minutia.

“We love to see our clients’ reactions when they take the first peek of their event space before the guests arrive. It brings great satisfaction seeing their reaction of bringing their vision to reality,” Jewkes tells us.

3. Navigating the Stress

The average couple spends between 10-15 hours a week engaged in the planning of their wedding. This time investment, coupled with the managing of multiple moving parts, is a recipe for stress and can create an incredibly stressful experience during what should be an incredibly happy time for a couple. Partnering with an experienced planner who will handle all the details and challenges relieves the majority, if not all of the stress caused by this process.

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