Disillusioned? 4 Reasons Why You Need To Retreat and Reboot

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In a world that is increasingly becoming aware of mental health, a certain group of people that you wouldn’t expect to be affected are silently losing confidence in themselves. These are visionaries, passionate people that have clarity about their purpose and direction in life. However, they are getting disillusioned with their pursuits.

Visionaries’ Dilemma

Some of these are entrepreneurial and have sunk their lives and resources into the ventures that they believe in. Slowly but intensely, many visionaries are getting disillusioned, and it feels like they are becoming disoriented, bordering on apathy in their passionate pursuit.

“Passion without a reward or even a refreshing leads to burnout, betting disillusioned, despair and apathy.”

There are very many reasons why that is so. The greatest reason is that there is no reward for their work. They seem to work like an elephant but only get to eat like an ant. Such a kind of life even for a visionary is not sustainable. Passion without a reward or even a refreshing leads to burnout, betting disillusioned, despair and apathy.

The Trap of Activity

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, it is time to stop, retreat and seek a reboot. I know this can be scary. It is. One of the biggest illusions that we have is that activity is the antidote for the disillusioned.

So we keep going even when we using the wrong approach; when we have locked arms with the wrong partners; when we are using the wrong technology; or when we have already invested our time, treasure and talent so much that we feel we cannot let go.

Rejoice When Disillusioned

If you ever come to the place where you feel disillusioned about your path of purpose in life, I think you should rejoice. Perhaps the most potent feedback you can ever get about your pursuits in life is that which comes from your heart.

There is so much potency and “intelligence” coming from the spiritual side of things relating to what you are doing. It is time to do something about it. It is time to stop, reflect and reboot. It feels like you are starting afresh but really, you aren’t. Stop banking on momentum when disillusioned and seek clarity. Here are five reasons why.

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1. Helps Clarify Your Authenticity

Could it be that you have veered off the path over the years? Could it be that you have not been reflecting and reviewing and thus you are being inauthentic in your pursuit? Perhaps you are disillusioned because of this.

The guys in the army have a terminology for it: “Mission Creep”. This is when they have geographically veered off-target so much so that they find themselves at a different spot than the one they were expected to be at. When you stop and clarify your authenticity, it helps you to check one thing out of the list of the possible reasons you are disillusioned. You can now go to the next.

2. Helps Clarify Your Level of Comfort In Your Pursuit

The “trap of average” is so subtle sometimes that we might not know we are there. Before you attain something, it seems so insurmountable. You galvanize yourself and go after your target and then you hit it. Whether it was too low to hit is probably not the point.

The point is that you are there. You have been there for a while and now it feels like you need a bigger challenge. Your comfort at this level is causing you to be disillusioned. The spirit is communicating to you that there is more that must be achieved.

3. Helps You To Clarify Rewards and Impact

We get disillusioned because we do so much and there is either no impact, no rewards or both. At times, if all you are doing is creating impact, you get a good psychic income out of it. However, psychic income alone is not enough.

This goes out to people who run blogs, podcasts, vlogs and all manner of positive, impactful content generation. You don’t mess a day and people are blessed by what you do. If this is the case and you are not getting paid for it, the retreat should help you to create channels for income from this pursuit.

If there will be no income, sooner or later you will be strongly disillusioned so much so that you might abandon your purpose altogether. Purpose that doesn’t reward is not good. There shouldn’t be such a purpose anyway. In your retreat, don’t move forward until you have clarified how you will be paid and rewarded from your ‘hustle’. Otherwise, a train wreck is coming your way, sooner or later.

“If there will be no income, sooner or later you will be strongly disillusioned so much so that you might abandon your purpose altogether.”

4. Helps you to Renew, Refocus and Re-engage

It is amazing how a small tweak and change in approach will help you get refreshed, sharp, and focused. Perhaps you need better partners. Perhaps you need new partners. Perhaps you need to enrol in new technology. Maybe what you need is a different strategy.

If your authenticity has already been established and you don’t need to change your path, the reboot should help you re-engage aspects of people, technology, partnerships, and strategy. These will go a very long way in helping the disillusioned visionary.

It doesn’t help you in any way if you are disillusioned but you keep going. You are carrying a toxic bomb that will detonate sooner or later. Take a break. Retreat. Re-strategize. Review. Then reboot.

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