Disrupting Markets And The Future Of E-Commerce

I bought into a sales pitch about buying a done-for-you Amazon store and didn’t make any money. The store got shut down, and everything the company told me about the net profit I would make turned out to be a lie. After hearing more and more stories like this in different markets, some even from close friends, I decided to do something about it.” says Chief Operating Officer Dakota Smith of Peoples Equity Group.

With a decade-long track record in leadership, marketing, and capital raising, Dakota worked for a portfolio company with over 25 years of experience in buying, scaling, and selling brands in roll-ups to private equity companies. He was exposed to a wide variety of experts in the private equity sphere and focused with the leadership team on creating an offer that no one had pursued before in the direct-to-consumer aggregation space.

His partner’s background in the industry prepared them to know what asset classes would work. Their proprietary evaluation model allowed them to deliver significant opportunities in various market conditions. More importantly, Dakota has one driving force that created a North Star for the company. The mission was always to show an inherent and exponential return on investment in doing right by people.

The company, since its inception, has far exceeded its goals and expectations, and Dakota’s mission proves that when you take care of people, they will continue to reinvest with you. Once people prove that it’s a successful investment, they tell everyone they care about. Peoples Equity Group offers investors opportunities that might not be presented to the public.

They admit that some people they talk to wonder if their model is too good to be true. It’s just not an offer most people see. Individuals who work in Mergers and Acquisitions who understand roll-ups typically are not surprised by the returns they offer our investors. A private equity roll-up is where a holding company acquires multiple businesses in a niche vertical and turns them into larger entities better positioned to enjoy economic scale.

However, most people they worked with have knowledge or experience in real estate, the stock market, 401k, bonds, money market accounts, etc. Unfortunately, the general public isn’t privy to the knowledge about investment opportunities that yield better than market returns. Peoples Equity Group wants to change that.

“When a new investor joins, we show them our acquisitions and explain how we vetted the investment portfolio. I review and manage each business every month to check on their progress and ensure that the business is making a profit,” says Dakota.

Based on data, Peoples Equity Group (PEG) has a close pulse on the current market and what markets will be the next to rise and fall. Having a diverse portfolio of offerings to both accredited and institutional investors allows them to have an offering that most accredited people can afford to participate in and also those looking to place millions of dollars into larger acquisition projects.

PEG’s CEO, Jeff Musgrove, has successfully led other models in the industry, including managing 100+ large-scale acquisitions and facilitating business transactions for fintech, health-tech, digital/SAAS, and sport management.

There are over 100 e-commerce aggregators globally, and over $180 billion invested to date. Hence, as the market becomes crowded, Peoples Equity Group aims to provide a fresh perspective in pursuing direct-to-consumer e-commerce. In contrast, 95% of the market chooses Amazon as a platform.

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