Diving Into The Book That Happened: Is Reality but Sheer Coincidence

Diving into The Book That Happened: Is reality but sheer coincidence

The book is authored by Attila Pergel. He has done a great job at creating questions in readers mind and help them think and find the answers on their own. To be exact, this is what a writer does to his audience. In just eight months, more than 2,000 copies have been sold in his native country, Hungary, which is a pretty much success.

The book is being translated in many languages and is reaching the masses rapidly. It has earned a critic and has got amazing reviews from the renowned authors around the globe.

From a young age Pergel has always been fascinated by his existence. Years of insight has finally culminated in The Book that happened which he says is not about achieving literary success but about offering the human race a chance to ask questions whose importance he feels will help people understand the complete picture.

It is his vision to pass on to the world and his family a clear vision of mature thoughts and experiences not through a forceful propagation of theory like other works but through a message and descriptions that help others think beyond their daily experiences. The Book That Happened is not a one-day read and contains multiple levels of understanding. He has done a great job at creating questions in readers mind and help them think and find the answers on their own.

Diving into The Book That Happened: Is reality but sheer coincidence

At the beginning of the book, we are given an almost childlike description of time and space; but then the questions arise. Questions that make us uncomfortable because they are not the sort of things you ask.

This book is not about chasing success, promoting the first and only author, but about a very sincere, friendly help. It helps you understand the importance of asking questions, it helps you understand that without the details there is no complete picture. Deep thinkers can achieve an alternative way to understand reality, and perhaps see the necessity of our constructed reality.

This book aims to provide an understanding of the universe. It will help you understand time and space, dimensions, infinity, and coincidence. Did the universe simply happen? By sheer chance? And the people in it? Are we just a product of coincidence? Or were we called to existence by some higher power?

The answers will be provided by you—the reader. The book brings up a series of questions that spark up thoughts, inspire, provoke, and point out contradictions and paradoxes. It doesn’t try to persuade you. It doesn’t shove the author’s truth down your throat. It shows things. It reveals things. It shows that one inch is extremely far from being an exact distance measurement. It reminds you that the speed of an arrow shot from a truck, equals the truck’s and its own speed, whereas the same logic doesn’t work with a ray of light.

In the end you are going to be a better version of yourself intellectually; this is what this book targets.

About The Book

THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED explores the concepts that permeate our everyday lives from a unique perspective. These include space, time, chance, and infinity, but the book will take us on a journey through the universe and make us part of infinity itself. When we reach the timeless world, what will greet us there? Why do we need infinity?

Sometimes we will have a shocking experience after the realization. The book guides the reader step by step and demands a very strict logical compliance from us and from itself. This is not a book that we will read in a single sitting, even though it is very careful in the way it introduces seemingly simple concepts.


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