Dixit Dhinakaran Is Transforming Businesses With Digital Marketing

I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top but should get you pretty near. ~ Margaret Thatcher

It takes years of hard work and a myopic view to reap the benefits. Not many individuals have the patience or the vision about their future self. The digital marketing savant, Dixit Dhinakaran, is a role model for many college graduates that want to leverage digital marketing services for success.

Dixit’s planned his career from the very moment he tried to step into the blogging space. He was fascinated with the latest trends in technology and started blogging about it from an early age. Slowly, he unraveled the niche of digital marketing and discovered its potency for achieving success in the digital space.

On asking about his journey, Dixit gives a glimpse into his past. He says, “I was an active kid in school. I participated in a lot of extracurricular activities and organized many events during my college days. An organizer’s role puts you in charge, a role which is daunting from the start, but slowly you gain the ability to micromanage. I was able to build such a diverse portfolio only because I am adept at micromanaging. It is imperative to learn to mold yourself with time and never question your abilities.”

Dixit Dhinakaran is an experienced digital marketeer who has paved the path for success for many struggling businesses. He implements result-driven SEO and SMO strategies that help businesses to gain prominence on the digital spectrum. Digital marketing is a constant tussle to rank ahead of your competitors, and Dixit possesses the ability to harvest the results.

He says, “I am fortunate to have discovered blogging and vlogging at a very early age. I was able to maneuver the platforms to my will and build a viable income source from them. I slowly became aware of digital marketing and used it to host more than 50+ successful websites and few YouTube channels.”

Dixit hailed from Tamil Nadu and completed his bachelor’sdegree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in India. During his college days, he invested his time implementing digital marketing services for numerous clients on a freelance basis. He added many skills to his portfolio during his tenure he learn and experimented a lot, that made him became proficient in digital marketing along with video editing, and CMS management.

He moved to England to pursue his Master’s in International Business Management and while offering freelance services. He explains, “Learning the nuances of business is crucial. I don’t want to limit my skill to a geographical region.

My goal is to help businesses worldwide in their quest for success. My habit of micromanaging compelled me to work after university hours for my tech blog – Gear Bytes. I help customers with their queries and scoop down the latest technology trends for my audience on the website.”

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