DJ Ankit Rohida Weddings And Corporate Events Specialist

Ankit Jaipal Rohida aka DJ Ankit Rohida has always welcomed the idea of newness. Before giving any formal introduction, we tell you that DJ Ankit Rohida is one of the celebrated DJs who has made his mark in the industry at a very young age. DJ Ankit Rohida has performed for big weddings and corporate events in cities such as Dubai, Doha , Mumbai , Pune and other cities of India.

His pathway towards excellence did not stop here. The young and energetic DJ has performed with various other DJs like DJ Suketu, DJ Akbar Sami, DJ Lemon and DJ Kaz in the past . However, with the widespread coronavirus cases, the music and event industry has become silent and lifeless. “Not so long ago, the clubs and events used to be jam-packed and now, it is nothing like before. It’s just a bad time, and I am sure that it will pass soon”, said the DJ.

Utilizing his time during this past year, DJ Ankit Rohida has learnt varied skills. According to him, only those make it big in the music and event industry who have the calibre to think out of the box and bring novelty to the table. Speaking about what new skill he added in his work profile, the DJ said, “I invested my time learning digital aspects and social media. It is booming and will always prosper no matter what. Creative content always makes a place among the audiences.”

As per the reports, many events that were called off last year and even this year have incurred severe losses. The industry is hampered severely, and it will surely take time to get back on track. In his young career, DJ Ankit Rohida has worked with some well-known names from Bollywood like Pritam Chakraborty, Boman Irani, Urvashi Rautela and Chunky Pandey. DJ Ankit Rohida further said that music runs in his veins, and during all this time, he will prepare himself and come back stronger with various new editions of remixes and sound beats.

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