DJ Dirty Vibezs – Jamaica’s Latest Export

Ever since the age of nine, music was a key influence in Vibezs life, from firstly, attending music lessons every Saturday and playing bass guitar for his church choir in Jamaica, until eventually immigrating to New York City where his passion for anything with a great rhythm and bass was further compounded.

DJ Dirty Vibezs – Jamaica’s latest export
However, this was not the first career choice for Vibezs. Upon settling in New York to attend the Bronx Community College, then onto Clarkson University to obtain his Engineering Degree, it was Vibezs’s after university hobby of promoting nightclubs to earn some extra money, that revealed itself to be his true vocation.
After graduating, fully intent on keeping his word to his adoring mother to become the best engineer that the aviation industry would ever see, music kept on calling and club promotion soon led to Vibezs   DJ’ing in NYC’s most sought after nightclubs, securing residencies at PHD Rooftop at the Dream Hotel and the Marquee in Las Vegas.
Always thinking one step ahead, Vibezs, content in the knowledge that this was now his true calling, quickly gauged that producing his own music would be his next venture and the birth of Vibezs’s now instantly recognisable smooth, emotive sound, was born. Released tracks to date include ‘Ol Blue Eyesz’ featuring Frank Sinatra and ‘Anthem’ featuring Kodat out now.
Today DJ Vibezs plays upwards of eighty shows internationally per year entertaining fans in London, Paris, Milan, NYC and L.A. Amassing his own celebrity clientele along the way, including the likes of Shaggy, Damian Marley, Usain Bolt and more recently Drake.

The year 2021 is already promising to propel DJ Vibezs further into our psyche with new residencies extending into Asia, Africa and further into Europe with appearances at international music festivals plus exciting collaborations with some of the worlds most revered artists, the name DJ Vibezsis not going anywhere.


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