DJ Giorgio Leone (IT) Spills The Beans on The Worst and Best of the Music Industry

There is passion in the beats, and no one understands it better than the musical prodigy Giorgio Leone (IT). This young man was stricken by the love for Techno, Tech-House and House music when he was quite young. The world of music was too strong of a force to let go off and eventually, Giorgio became one of the most sought after DJ and sound producers in Taipei, Taiwan.

Though the music guru holds a Bachelor Degree in Digital Marketing, his love for the music industry proved to be the driving force in his life. In his own words,

“The passion I have and had for music since I was a teenager has pushed me on this path. My goal has always been to make people feel great when listening to my music”

In his career, he has been associated with Frequenza Records, Vulkano Records, Huambo Records and more. He also founded the music group Our Muzik.

While many people feel that it is a tough task to strive in this field, DJ Giorgio Leone (IT) has some different opinion on it altogether. He shares that there are good and bad sides to every industry and apart from the glamour of the industry there is also a lot of hard work and commitment.

He claims the best part of the industry is making people connect with the music. He shared, “I like to give to people happy moments with my music and I hope they feel the same emotions I feel too.”

Giorgio Leone (IT) remains honest about the negative side of the industry as well. He says,

“I don’t like the fact that not everyone will have kind words for you, they might just don’t like your style or simply they want to mess with you, these are the kind of people you should always ignore and get you strength from your supporters, these make the difference at the end of the day.”

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