DJ Jerzy Dominating Digital Airwaves with Stellar Music

The digital ecosystem has become extremely competitive for artists and musicians in the past few years. Yet amid the sea of content, some artists with exemplary talent have stood out. DJ Jerzy is one of those content creators. He has dominated on channels like SoundCloud, which has earned him millions of listens and has pulled in the attention of industry professionals and leaders.

Jerzy Roginski Jr, AKA DJ Jerzy, is a musician in a position to create a solid brand for himself in national and global music. Despite his influence and success, the artist is hungry for more, seeking to build a platform that will bring fortune and value to others and help solve societal problems like poverty, segregation, and injustice. Today, he’s building an empire in hopes of creating a better life for his family and playing his part in the community.

While the musician’s journey has brought him to more significant heights in the past few years, Jerzy’s journey has been far from easy. At one point, he struggled with mental and physical health issues. But the overcomer has persevered through all trials and bounced back from some of the biggest mountains an artist can face.

Jerzy Roginski Jr started pursuing music at a young age. He learned to play the piano as a kid and sang in various choirs and competitions. Later on, he learned how to play the guitar and trumpet as his skills continued to grow with time. Pretty soon, he was winning multiple contests at school and other organizations.

Before pursuing a career in music, he worked as a medical professional. He began a 35-credit-hour per semester accelerated nursing program. He finished with a 3.7 GPA while also building up his music portfolio. While finishing his program, he produced six hard-hitting tracks and uploaded them on the streaming platform Soundcloud. Little did DJ Jerzy know that his collection would become viral hits, totaling 1.3 million streams in one month. Today, he has over 2.4 million streams in total and is in the process of recording new material.

In recent times, DJ Jerzy Roginski has signed with manager Salo Sion, and started hosting radio shows with Miami’s dance radio station, Revolution 93.5. Jerzy has won over five golden #1 track awards on The Spinnin Records Talent Pool Charts in the process. All this, the musician and artist has achieved in the last three months.

DJ Jerzy is real and authentic as an artist in every way. His goal is simple: to make music that will bring people together, regardless of race, culture, gender, or economic background. Today, that simple dream has grown into an amazing start to a promising music career. “I dedicated my heart and soul to make this happen,” shares DJ Jerzy. “Literally all my heart and time. I would pull all-nighters making music and then show up to class lecture the next morning, which was from 9-5, studied and would sleep every now and then.”

Today that dedication has paid off as DJ Jerzy continues to climb up the charts. He hopes to grow his record label and start helping other artists launch their creative careers. To learn more about DJ Jerzy and to hear more of his music, visit his website and Instagram profile.

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