DJ Phellix — The Iranian Artist That Is Taking Over The Oriental Music World

Musically gifted people have the opportunity to undergo a journey that can allow them to share their talents and bring people together, but not everyone sees it that way.

Some individuals and collectives instead pursue selfish goals, chasing after material and temporary rewards. When DJ Phellix his musical journey, he took his first step with a single plan to unite people and raise awareness of the various turmoil happening around them.

DJ Phellix is a figure in the music industry. He has been using his platform to positively impact his listeners, hoping to reach out to them and address many of the world’s crises. DJ Phellix’s career started with the decision to share his gift online. Creating an account and verifying on the streaming platform SoundCloud, the young musician proactively pursued his passion.

Creating music was a mix of fun and challenge as DJ Phellix worked hard to make the sound he is known for today. While he achieved his goal, earning over 2.5 million streams and a verification badge, DJ Phellix stayed consistent in his college studies. As the young musician set off on his journey to make a name for himself in music, DJ Phellix’s dream would advance even further when his works attracted a major record label’s attention.

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