DJ Rebuttal: An Unordinary Performer

An unexpected DJ

Born Mccoy Leigh, DJ Rebuttal has had a very interesting path to becoming a musician. His musical journey began during his freshman year in college when he bought his first producing equipment. Focusing more on his new found love of music than his grades, DJ Rebuttal quickly became a master at producing. Something that was unexpected by his peers. “I just started producing because I figured it out,” said DJ Rebuttal. “Once you get into a groove it’s really not that hard.”

Now confident in his music, DJ Rebuttal took to the stages his sophomore year. He began performing at college house parties and shows, taking every opportunity he had to to show off his talent. “Playing house shows and going to parties can be so fun,” said DJ Rebuttal. “As the DJ you are the main event at the party. Everyone loves you if you play good music.”

During one of these house shows, DJ Rebuttal’s career took a turn that no one could have predicted. As he began playing a live set, Rebuttal decided to mix in one of his own songs he had been working on as a side project. As soon as the song hit the crowd started going crazy. Rebuttal said, “From the moment the track started playing people began asking me who it was. It was one of my slower R&B joints, so to get a reaction like that at a party was pretty wild.”

After the amazing reception from his peers, DJ Rebuttal decided it was time to start focusing more on his own craft. He began both producing and singing his own vocals as often as he could, even skipping class to do so. “It got really bad”, said Rebuttal. “I started sleeping in and missing classes.”

The Platteville, Wisconsin based creative has been striving for greatness ever since. Already making his debut on all major streaming platforms, he’s set to release more music soon. 

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