DJ Technologies Launches Short Video app NameFame

DJ technologies- a leading software development company has launched premiere ‘Made in India’ social media and entertainment App ‘NameFame’- A short video and live streaming application. NameFame invites all the people who are interested in content creation to use their platform and monetize their talent.

Talking about the launch Dinesh Paliwal, CEO, DJ Technologies says, “NameFame is the platform for the artist. Until today there was no such platform that caters to all the requirements of any content creator in one place. NameFame is the premiere Indian App to do so. We are glad that people are liking the app and building a strong community together. We have integrated technology with the talent of the creator to help them reach new milestones”

Unlike the other apps available in the market, NameFame ensures that creators can create Fame from their Name. As they are founded by a principle to establish a platform that leads creators to reach stardom.

With features like real-time messaging, live video streaming, disappearing messages for secret chats, and starring a profile, this app is on the mission to create a social network where people can watch, create, share exciting videos and live stream with their loved ones.

NameFame not only provides entertainment to the users but also assists them in making a living off it. This platform allows people to create entertaining videos and along with it make good money out of the same. This platform is just not confined to established celebrities but also for the people who have a knack for skills like dancing, singing, and acting.

About DJ Technologies

DJ Technologies is a software development company that provides software development for Android, iOS (MacOS), Web Apps, Windows, etc. They provide the best android app development services to the clients by keeping the key points of development in mind. With the help of a professional team of app developers in Indore who are proficient in performing their jobs, their quality of development of the app which includes material design, performance focus, graphics, UI design, documentation, connectivity, audio settings, video settings, accessibility, notification alerts, and view of the app on various sorts of devices has been the best. DJ technologies are committed to a sustained innovation policy, integrity towards technological development, and a strong sense of trust and allegiance to their clients. With the release of NamaFame, the company aims to cater the talented artist all around the country with a homegrown platform

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