DJ Ty Street: Paving his own road to Success

The job of a DJ or Disc Jockey is more than just music and mixing. It is also about performance, DJs are entertainers themselves. DJ Ty Street is one such entertainer who electrifies his performance with energy, music, and good vibes. He has something about him that he spreads to everyone on the floor. Apart from music, DJ Ty Street is a seasoned host too. His inborn talent landed him with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the A-listers in the music industry like Kane Brown, Luke Combs, Chris Young, Lady A, Brett Eldredge, Old Dominion, Brantley Gilbert, and Travis Tritt.

He has inherited his natural talent in music from his father Gary Street. Gary Street was a member of the popular 90s music band “Easy Street”. It was an American band that had the opportunity to work under the label of Liberty Records, a famous music label based out in Nashville.

Daniel Street or as he is popularly called DJ Ty Street, was born in 1985 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He grew up under the influence of his father that helped him shape his career from a young age. DJ Ty Street has 15 years of experience now as an entertainer and he is still scaling heights in his field beating all competitors. He has a contagious energy and enthusiasm that infects people with energy and rhythm. This is why his music has touched the masses.

DJ Ty Street is unstoppable for his sense of music, energy, and stage presence. He is best known for setting music events and parties on fire. It is these qualities that landed DJ Ty Street the opportunity to perform at some of the renowned music festivals, championships, and sponsored events conducted by globally recognized brands like Red Bull, Miller Lite, Jack Daniels, Vans: Off the Wall, and Monster Energy.

Today, he is the face of one of the biggest festivals of his hometown, Virginia Beach’s annual Patriotic Festival. DJ Ty Street stands apart from the crowd with his unique style of entertaining people that combines witty commentary, electrifying energy, and an open format to interact with his audience.

This versatile entertainer still prefers to perform in his signature style, wearing white ostrich cowboy boots. It is for this signature style that he is called The White Boot Bandit by his fans. His claim to fame is a journey that will inspire many music enthusiasts in the future. DJ Ty Street story has been featured in well-known publications such as The Statesman, Forbes India, California Herald, American Daily Post, Celeb Mix, etc.

DJ Ty Street is a country music lover. He has collaborated with several well know country music musicians along with some up and comers at various country music festivals. Due to the pandemic, concerts and traveling came to a halt for this entertainer. Even during this completely idle situation, DJ Ty Street has worked on improving himself to deliver something new and better to his audience on his comeback tour. He working on adding more tours and travel collaborations with major country artists in the near future.

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