DJ Vin Focuses on Music After the Release of His Book ‘How to Overcome a Pandemic as a Musical Artist’

Dj Vin Aka Vineet Korpal

Adaptability is a key quality of every creative person. Learning new skills and setting a bar with his works, Vineet Korpal alias DJ Vin is giving a new meaning to versatility. A popular name in the music industry, Korpal is widely known for hit songs like “Until We Make It,” “Off The Lot,” and “In My Zone.”

Born in Toronto to two immigrant parents from India, the young guy’s passion for music developed after listening to the tracks of 2Pac and The Beatles among others. While pursuing an undergraduate degree at Trent University, he got more inclined towards DJing and started performing at various clubs across Ontario.

Along with DJ-ing, he expanded his creativity in music production and he has gotten more than 250,000 streams solely on Spotify. DJ Vin’s type of music can be described as an amalgamation of different genres. He is currently working on Hip Hop with a surprise twist element in it. If you thought that music was only his ground, this talented guy has gone one step further and has unleashed his writing skills. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Korpal has added a new profession under his belt as an author. His debut book How to Overcome a Pandemic as a Musical Artist recently got released and it is making waves on the internet.

The book is available on Amazon store and it is already gaining positive momentum from one and all. He brought the larger idea about his thoughts through this book and it took him more than a month to write the debut book which talks about how creative personalities particularly music artists must stay strong during the pandemic. Moreover, the book is an inspiration for many people and it has been on top in several categories like musician biographies and music e-books. Available as a paperback and in Kindle edition, the book became #1 on how new releases. Korpal is sure that the book will get a lot of love from musical artists, performers and producers.

When asked what’s next for him, Korpal was quoted saying, “My main focus would be on music. It is my passion which has given me so much love and recognition today. With things easing out in the COVID-19 pandemic, I have resumed work on my musical project and I have finished several demo tapes and will be shooting music videos very shortly. I plan to release a music album by early 2021.”

Adding to it, DJ Vin revealed that he is also keen on writing another book for music artists. With a massive success, we are hopeful that just like his debut book, the author and DJ will stun everyone with his forthcoming projects. Let’s wait for this creative mind to surprise us with his new works yet again.

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