DO-178C Training: Why AFuzion Leads the Pack

Leading the pack in the world of aviation systems development is not an easy feat, and not something to be taken lightly.

There are systems and methods to adhere to keep everyone up in the air alive and well. One of the said systems is the DO-178C training, but to understand this, it’s useful to know who currently mans the cockpit of aviation development and safety and the standards they are setting.   

Who Is Afuzion?

For AFuzion, the sky is not the limit. Based in the U.S., this boutique company is a worldwide leader and provider of services and products of safety-critical aviation systems, including hardware and software development. Afuzion’s team of engineers hold extensive knowledge in the intricacies of aviation safety protocols, of which include training and certification workshops in the DO-178C, DO-254, DO-326A, ARP4754A, and more.   

What Is DO-178C and Why Is It Important?

The DO-178C is also referred to as Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. It is a book and guideline about working with and developing safety-critical airborne software and systems. However, it’s only a piece of the aviation safety protocols and certifications process. 

Founder and CEO of AFuzion, Vance Hilderman, describes DO-178 as ‘a part of the avionics development and certification development eco-system that includes a safety assessment process (ARP-4761), avionics system development (ARP-4754A), hardware design assurance (DO-254, environmental  and EMI testing (DO-160)’.

Why AFuzion’s Training Is the Best

AFuzion’s training is the only training available that surpasses their competitors, combined. Their credentials are backed by the volume of clients they have trained, which tally to over 24, 000 aviation engineers from over 200 top aviation companies and manufacturers worldwide. 

Additionally, AFuzion’s training extends into the public and private spheres, they also offer a selection of free training videos, whitepapers, templates, plans and checklists. Written material is also produced by engineers from AFuzion, and is used alongside training by over 90% of companies in the Aviation industry.  


AFuzion is selected as a permanent addition to well-known conferences like the Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE), Aerospace Tech Week, Digital Avionics Systems Conference, and Electronics Valley. Their public offerings include over 50 courses a year to over 20 government establishments linking to the military, but also the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and several others. 


Among thousands of engineers trained, including managers, AFuzion offers private classes upon request, tailoring their classes to suit the attendees’ needs. Training is related to the varying aspects of aviation systems development, including safety protocols, compliance, and certifications. ‘Practice areas’ include the following: 

Avionics Development:  Hardware and Software  

Aviation and Avionics Safety 

Avionics Systems Development 

Transportation and Automotive 

Aviation CNS / ATM and Data 

Key Takeaways

AFuzion is at the forefront of developing aviation safety-critical systems, their team of experienced engineers and managers formulate the precise training needed, including the application of the DO-178C. Visit their website to access whitepapers, checklists, and various training services and products. 


Written by Jacob M

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