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Do Not Be Fooled By Hardships – Mohd Nabeel Afridi on Turning Hardships into a Journey of Triumph

Mohd Nabeel Afridi, a Youtuber with a million subscribers to his credit when asked about what made him fall in love with acting he said he was acutely aware of the fact of his interest in the entertainment industry. The idea of film-making and acting always amazed him to a greater extent.

Being someone else in the moment and getting back to the reality was a unique feeling which he loved to explore. And the curiosity in him aroused a quest for film-making. He says, even in childhood he would get dressed up with a thought of being a cynosure of all eyes and would always make sure to participate in extracurricular activities with confidence.

According to him, the one thing that changed his perception towards life was when he had to go through betrayal. He specifies deceit comes to you when you least expect it, and the best part is that it comes from the ones whom you trust the most. For a moment you won’t be able to understand what has happened and within the same instance things get clear in your head.

Nevertheless, I make sure the joyous vibe never leaves me, because that’s how I believe I would want my life to be, regardless of the hardships that come my way, therefore, I forgive myself for the blindness that let others harm me. Perhaps a good heart doesn’t heed the bad.

His moment of realization was when he travelled to Hyderabad with a friend. There, while waiting on a traffic signal he saw an advertisement hoarding which caught his attention, and in that moment he found himself hooked.

He couldn’t take his eyes off as he kept staring into the space, imagining his achievements displayed on that hoarding. Within that split second he realized what he wanted from his life and decided to put extreme efforts in becoming the next sensation.

Upon returning to Warangal, which is his hometown, he shut himself down from everything and focused n the possibilities of being a man whose life has enough passion and determination to achieve the vision.

He says it is not as easy as it seems. I have had enough hard times to become the person I am today and this is just the beginning. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a curiosity that seeks beauty in everyone and generosity that finds escape routes to spread its power.

A journey of thousand miles indeed starts with a single step. Also, it is necessary we understand that throughout the process, you will come across problems that must be solved to move forward and lessons to be absorbed in order to feel the growth. When things keep progressing, you gather experiences that are to be cherished for the entire life.

I believe I’m evolving, transforming and awakening inch by inch each day. Who I am is always changing, not because I am a fake person but because I am open to growth. And to live in a better future you need to not only leave but also learn from what we leave behind, while putting enough effort into our present.

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