Do Not Watch News Because Newsopreneur Can Summarize It All In Just A Picture

If you are someone who hates watching the news because of so much sensationalization of it, or simply don’t have the time to watch it, we come bearing good news for you.A picture really says a 1000 words. Working on this concept, an Instagram page was started by Harsh Vardhan Sharma (@the.real.harsh.) He admitted that he started the page just as an experiment for his book “’100k Followers in 100 Days,” but the page blew up. Due to a controversial post, the page was deleted by Instagram but harsh soon got over 5000 emails, DMs, WhatsApp texts asking him to revive the page. “The response shook me. I was overwhelmed and decided to dedicate myself to the page. Had the page not been deactivated, I would have never taken it seriously” he said

Newsopreneur was started by Harsh Vardhan Sharma (@the.real.harsh) and has more than 130,000 followers. The page is especially popular among the youth. Newsopreneur comes bearing with its unique concept of giving summarized news in form of pictures. But what makes Newsopreneur so unique and popular are its Captions. With every news post, one gets a very visual picture (an info graphic), which contains the news itself. Along with the visual, you also get a 100-200 word short articles explaining what you should learn from this particular news. What made it so unique was Harsh’s power of observing. He said “observation is a very powerful tool. What we miss constantly is mostly what matters the most. In this busy world, no one has the time to look around but that’s where I come. I observe and I notice and that’s what makes newsopreneur so different.”

“I wanted to give the world that ability to observe from the incidents and things happening around them. And there was no better option than to give a “lesson to be learned” at the end of the captions” he further added. All of us watch news but we are just a consumer. Most of the times, we don’t even understand what they try to tell us so we have to Google the whole thing. With newsopreneur, this barrier comes to an end. You get the news, the explanation and the lesson you can apply in a single post. The visual gives you all the news you need and the captions helps you relate to it

Newsopreneur is now launching its own App and targeting to get 1 million App downloads by the end of 2021.

He claims that by the end of 2021 @newsopreneur will have more than 2 million followers and he will be also starting newsopreneur Global targeting USA

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