Do Past Lives Really Exist ? Answers Kartik Naidu

Quite recently I Interviewed a celebrity transpersonal therapist and healer Kartik Naidu. He is a spiritualist and a meditation practitioner since the age of 13th, which is when he got initiated by his Master who was a scientist at NASA before he got realised. Further he trained under a self realised Himalyan yogi from the ancient yogic lineage of the great sages Matsyendra Nath and Gorakhnath. Kartik’s guru initiated him into Shambhavi Healing and Advaita Sadhana (non duality), which is considered as the greatest Sadhana that exists.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Kartik tell us a little bit about your journey ?

Well it’s a beautiful yet complexed amalgamation of thoughts emotions and actions turning into beliefs and values which have turned into an Identity.

Interviewer: Wow when you put it like that it sounds intense.

Kartik: All I am saying is that we are a product of everything that we have thought felt or done. But it’s a beautiful journey, my guru used to say that the soul is the traveller body is just an instrument.

Interviewer: Great, so tell me do past lives really exist ?

Kartik: Do you are agree that whatever you are today it is because of something that happened to you in the past ? Whether the way you look, or the language you speak or the way you think, it’s all learnt or practiced behaviour coming from the past. So then would it also be fair to say that your past is also a product of something that happened to you in the past ?

Interviewer: Yes makes sense,

Kartik: So an Infant carries a certain accumulation of impressions which we called karma or prarabdh bhog which is stored in the gyanamayakosha or the super causal body, modern science calls it the intercellular memory or the genetic memory/primitive memory.

Interviewer: How do they affect us ?

Kartik: Karma or prarabdh bhog gives birth to a certain energy which forces us into making sanskaras or psychic impressions which influence our habits and then become vasanas or compulsive behaviour patterns. It becomes very difficult to get rid of these patterns because it influences our thought pattern and makes us think a certain kind of way. It forms our beliefs and values which create our identity, it becomes nearly impossible for us to see things In different light or perspective.

Interviewer: So How can past life regression help us ?

Kartik: Past life regression in Sanskrit is called prati prasav sadhana. It was reintroduced by sage Patanjali in the 2nd century. Saints and Mystics realised that if you could take someone back into time and help them release whatever stored karma or impressions one accumulated, they could help the person break his present barriers or whatever challenges he faced in this life. It’s very effective and powerful way of transformation.

Interviewer: Have you applied it in your therapy and has it worked?

Kartik: Tens of thousands of times, and it works like a miracle. But best is when it’s done in workshops because then I get 3/4 days to help people open up and develop receptivity, so that there is no resistance in the deep meditative state.

Interviewer: wow this is very fascinating to me and I wish to attend one of your workshops soon to experience.

Kartik: haha Yes why not, you must, It’s a thrilling experience.

Kartik has healed and reversed many psychosomatic disorders like Anxiety depression, bipolar and OCD. His expertise extends in the area of reversing clinical diseases and healing blocks also.

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