Does Building Yet Another Food Delivery App Make Sense?

food delivery app

For everything today in the world, there is a mobile app. Mobile apps are the ultimate solutions to everything in our lives. They help make everything available to us in an easy manner.

Speaking of making our lives easier, food delivery apps are the ultimate champions. For the generation that tends to avoid real-life connections and bonds over social media, these apps are their ultimate saviors.

Most people, even me, get to see the faces of delivery executives more than their own friends and families. (Not proud of that though!)

But yeah, jokes aside, how did this boom suddenly come about? Scrolling through an average food delivery mobile app, I see almost every restaurant ready to send me all of their delicacies in a fraction of an hour.  

All around the globe, the food delivery business models are now understood and established well enough. Today, as the times have progressed, they are less about efficiency and more about the amounts and capital invested in them.

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The market today is filled and jam-packed, making it too difficult for new entrants to take a dive into the benefits it can provide. Yes, it is somewhat of a bandwagon. And if you are the driver of this bandwagon, even at some point in time, you are getting to control a major chunk of consumers’ daily spending on their food orders.

Big sharks like Alibaba have been dumping their investments here in the food delivery sector for a reason! They have completely changed the way traditional restaurants functioned.

They are feeding the bellies of millions of millennials who actually want to stay indoors with scrumptious meals around them all the time. In the comfort of your home, you can have almost anything you want, no questions asked!

With so many big market players today, who are the ultimate winners in the food delivery business model?

The winners are of course those with a bigger share of capital, while the losers are the ones who are too small to make a significant difference in the business model.

They are the ones with less scalability of operations. They do not have an enhanced cost advantage and do not really possess means to fight off the big players.

Food hawkers and local joints are definitely going to be wiped out, if not sooner then later. The restaurants, on the other hand, shall be in an eased-out situation for a while, as they would keep absorbing the ever-expanding customer base.

But, in the long run, the big sharks in this sphere are going to consume most of their customers as well. They are going to also consume their profit margins.

Where do you stand in this mayhem?

As a small player, a startup in the food delivery business model, your value and your significance will depend on the value you are providing to this huge chain. If you are entering the platform, your scalability will matter a lot.

The consumer base is, thus, going to have another choice, which means there are going to be benefits for you. Apart from the ever-increasing customer base and the revenues that this market has to offer to you, another advantage you are bound to get is the significant amount of attention from the bigger market players. This attention is soon going to help you establish yourself in the long run.

To cut it short, Food Industry and Food Delivery industry is at an all-time high right now!

The actual demand for the food delivery business and all related apps is increasing more than anything. Though a multitude of big sharks has entered the market, there can still be seen an influx of newer players.

But are we really in the need of another food delivery app?

Is it really necessary? If it is, would it affect the customers in any way? Would a new food delivery app even gain recognition in this competitive market? What could it provide that other apps do not?

Let’s try and look at some positive aspects a new food delivery app can provide to an upcoming mobile app development company.

For starters, it can give you much-needed exposure.

Approximately 70 percent of food orders are made through third-party platforms, yet food delivery apps will guarantee exposure to you. How? Well, it all comes down to the marketing efforts you put in.

The more you market your new app and your new brand name, the better your chances to be seen on every smartphone in this world. UberEats is not too old to be so popular. It is fairly new to hit the food industry. However, all thanks to the marketing efforts put in by their experts, you can see it everywhere around the globe.

The exposure a well-marketed food delivery app can provide you is wider than an average restaurant can to itself. It does not just help you reach the neighborhood, but it helps you reach beyond. Through these apps, a restaurant can surely be exposed to other locations, not in its vicinity.

You obviously get more orders.

Apart from the exposure, food delivery apps also contribute to at least 2 percent increase in the revenue generated by the food outlet every single year. A famous food delivery app helped a restaurant produce around $250 million in the first half of the year 2016 in Australia alone.

This is the number one reason why more and more food avenues are adopting food delivery apps to see that increase in their number, in their orders, and in their revenues.

Food delivery apps provide services to not just common people ordering food, but also to the restaurant owners. For them, these apps help them manage their orders consistently, even during downtimes.

These apps get constant traffic, which means constant work and constant orders. And this even happens during the quieter times of a particular day. In an average food outlet, the hours between 3 and 5 are usually free.

Not much happens during those hours, however, food delivery apps they tie up with keep generating orders for them. These restaurants are kept busy even during their downtimes. This means an influx of business and revenues.

Other reasons why more food delivery apps are necessary for us today!

Time-crunched executives

Busy millennials do not really have the privilege of keeping calm and dining out during their lunch hours. There are times when they have to stick to their seats and work odd hours while their peers enjoy their free time.

But, food is essential and this is how food delivery apps come into the picture. Occupied people can rely on these apps to get their favorite food, right on their desk while they work. They save time and energy.

The working parents

For young ones who cannot cook and rely on their guardians and parents for food and other utilities, food delivery apps come in handy when their elders are stuck in certain work situations.

They can get tasty meals whenever and however they want. Guardians and parents no longer have to worry about leaving their kids behind in helpless situations.

Expand reach

Like we said earlier, the food delivery apps help in the expansion of the food industry by filling in the dining radars! They help the restaurants reach as many people, which otherwise would not have been possible, owing to distance and time issues.

Food delivery apps cover that radius for the people! and help the customers have the delicious meal at home in their comfort, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack! More food delivery applications are always equal to a bigger radius covered.

Live your life!

When you order food online you do not have to stand in long lines waiting to order your food. You have the privilege to cater to your guests, to cater to your family and cater to other tasks that need attention. You no longer have to worry about standing and wasting those precious minutes of your life.

Order 24/7

Food delivery apps who are in contract with the eateries that are open 24/7 are available to order food at any time of the day. Even at odd midnight hours. Whether you order breakfast or a mid-night meal, your food will be delivered to you at the time you like and the place you want.

No more wrong orders

Generally, in the case of call–in orders, miscommunication and other misunderstandings can cause a decent amount of chaos when the orders are delivered. Order requests finished erroneously can hamper meal time for most people.

However, food delivery apps ensure these problems are not going to overpower mealtime for you and your loved ones. There is hardly any room left for any form of misunderstanding and miscommunication. You simply select every ingredient of your order, even the quantity you desire, and you are done.

If there still does occur a problem, you can get it replaced in the right manner without any hassle, unlike the traditional modes of ordering in.

Food delivery apps have helped to streamline the way the food industry was seen and transacted with. They have enhanced the food industry by allowing it to grow by as much as 70 percent in just one year of coming to action. They have also simultaneously sped the food delivery process for the common man.

Over the past couple of years, food delivery apps have become an essential must-have for eateries of all kinds, they improve their business, get them better profits, even during odd hours. But, more than that, they make people happy! It is a win-win for both sides. All you need a good mobile app development company as your mobile app partner who can quickly make an amazing app for your restaurant. 

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