Does Your Life Suck?

When thinking about your life, have you often realized you are not really doing the things you could be doing or want to be doing? And when you do, do you already know the solution to your problem? More often than not, people have a lot of responsibilities, and they either fail to see past them, or fail to see the potential they contain within themselves and therefore think that what is happening at that exact moment is non-optional. How can you get past these hurdles? The belief that you cannot change what is happening to you, that you have no control of the outcome of your situation, is why your life sucks. That very thought that you cannot do anything to influence your life and what will happen is what is going to keep you in the same place.

Now, consider the job of your dreams, and all of the great things you will receive if you decide to take it. Maybe better benefits, better hours, better location, better everything, pretty much everything in your perfect job wish list! But you had to interview right this second, could you do it? If you answered no to that, what is the reason? I’m sure that there are many reasons as to why you cannot ace that job interview, but did you even consider the reasons why you would be great for it? Every time that you stop to think about the reasons why you cannot make your dream come true, you are reminding yourself of why your life sucks.

If your life sucks so much and you just cannot bear to live another day like this, how are you going to change that? Let’s consider one simple solution:

Stop thinking of excuses about what can go wrong or what you cannot do, and start thinking proactively about the things that you can do and the possibilities of your potential.

Yes, there are many things that we cannot just know how to do right now at this very moment, but life doesn’t stop there and say, “Aww poor human, I will slow down so you can catch up.” It keeps going, and if we want to keep up with our dreams then we cannot stop there either!

But there is one thing that you do have power over and that is your mind and your thoughts. Your thoughts are the food that will feed your drive, the words you say to yourself will be the direction in which your life will gravitate towards. Make sure you are telling yourself the right things when you wake up in the morning. Make sure your thoughts are keeping up with what you want or expect from yourself. Even if you are at a point in your life in which you can honestly say, “My life sucks!,” you are still the one and only person that can change that fact. By giving your mind the pep talk it needs, by speaking out the possibilities, you are changing the tone of your life. Don’t continue to sit around every day knowing that your life isn’t the way you want it to be. Instead, realize every day that you are the one in charge of keeping your life from sucking!

The way that you speak to yourself is the way that you will respond when life’s opportunities pop up, and if you only think if excuses as to why you cannot succeed, then that is what you will do, not succeed. But, if you think of nothing else but what you can do to customize your life to your likes, then that is the shape that your life will take. Thinking about all the impossibilities will make your life exactly that, impossible. When you take the situations life has thrown at you, and you add your own input, you get a result.

Whatever the situation may be, whatever self-talk you may do, there is an inevitable result. How will you be in charge of that result?

Give power to the thoughts that solve your problem, and you will arrive at the solution promptly, if you don’t already have it. Do not give power to the thoughts that gravitate towards complaints or self doubt, because you will only find more problems or things to complain about.

But no matter what the problem is, for whatever reason you feel your life sucks, your thoughts are what are going to change that or keep it completely the same. The thoughts you give power to and put action to are the ones that will take you where you belong. Make sure it is you who makes the choice.

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