Domenic Scopelliti Went From Photographer to a 6 Figure Media Empire Visual Domain Adelaide.

21 year old Domenic is the name and brains behind successful media agency, Visual Domain Adelaide, a leading Australia-based company specializing in events, weddings, and business promotional content. Domenic’s media empire provides graphic design, videography, photography and marketing services.

Before jumping into the entrepreneurial world, however, Domenic has always had a way with business, starting his first successful business designing YouTube banners and Twitch headers on Twitter at just 16.

In 2017, and just 17-years-old at that time, Domenic would spend his time in high school, cold calling local businesses and models looking to do free photography work. Instead of focusing on his school work, Domenic knew he wasn’t going to be like everybody else.

“I could never see myself working a 9-5 job, I absolutely hate making money for someone else” the young Entrepreneur said.

Armed with passion and purpose, the young entrepreneur started his business, Visual Domain Adelaide, by shooting his friends’ birthdays.

As events started to roll in the business started to become quite popular in Adelaide. At the time, Domenic began to shoot events all over Adelaide.

By 18 years old, his first year out of school, Domenic has scaled up efforts to build his media empire. Visual Domain Adelaide was in full swing and in high demand, with Domenic being booked out almost every weekend!

In 2018, with his Media empire growing quickly, Domenic began connecting with aspiring photographers around Adelaide. He taught them his style of shooting and was able to send them off to jobs all around Adelaide.

At just 20 years old, the now successful entrepreneur had scaled a 6 figure business, that allowed him to buy his dream car.

“I always wanted to buy my dream car before I was 21, so I did just that,” he said.

Now with a massive team under his belt, Visual Domain Adelaide is completing over 20 events a week, as well as marketing for major brands around Australia.

With his business continue roaring success, Domenic now works on his own terms and says he is only just getting started.

“Nobody will ever understand your passion as you do,” he said, as he shared how he managed to create a 6 figure business all on his own with grit and passion. He urged young entrepreneurs to turn their dream into reality by transforming their hobbies or something they love into a business.

“I think everyone has an opportunity to do what they love, pursue it, hold onto it, back yourself through everything, success will follow,” Domenic said.

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