Dominican Artist, Altur Santos on how Important Music is

Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” summary, which discusses the most popular music of the year for both individual users and the platform as a whole, is released every December. Surprisingly, Spotify’s “Wrapped” feature identified “Reggaeton music” as the most listened to genre. This new mix of reggae rap and Spanish lyrics quickly gained popularity among the youth, and it instantly became a staple in North America’s nightlife.

We are now in the heyday of the “Latin” genre, with artists wielding significant power both within and outside of the music industry. Latin American music, without a doubt, has a stronger appeal to a growing Latin American population in the United States. One such artist is Robert Santos, also known as Altur Santos is one of the finest reggaeton musicians from the Dominican Republic.

The 26-year-old musician, saxophonist, and songwriter is spreading his reach like wildfire. Santos’ musical talents were visible early in childhood. At the age of 11, he started learning music, specifically the saxophone, and by the age of 15, he was already singing and recording music. He performed his saxophone talents through several resorts in the Dominican Republic. He started writing and recording reggaeton music at the age of 21. He is also known by his stage name “Robert Sax”.

Altur Santos lost his mother very early in this career leaving him with three younger brothers. He used his musical talent to meet their ends. From the struggle in his early career to becoming one of the most accomplished Reggaeton music artists says a lot about his character and it shows that this person is here to stay.

His passion for music and the Latin urban genre is unstoppable. Altur Santos has unchartered success from some of his early releases. His song Amore Criminal has an immense following. His other song Baby Love is a tale of childhood love that went straight to the heart of the fans.

Check out his whole album which is available on every major music streamings platforms i.e Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube.

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