Dominick Steele : A Promising Young Entrepreneur Who Is Set to Conquer

There is no doubt that entrepreneurship can be overwhelming, but it also has a component that promises to engage. Building a company from the ground up is always a dream for aspiring entrepreneurs, but one that requires willpower, tenacity, and a great desire to work. These are the qualities that define Dominick Steele

Heralded by some as one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in the tech industry, Dominick is one man that keeps moving the needle forward. He has earned a name for himself as a visionary; one who is not afraid to take risks, and a man keen on tackling problems in society with cutting-edge technology.

Dominick has also been lauded for consistently creating and implementing winning strategies. He lives to motivate, driveinnovation, and lead teams to accept change in order to achieve business success. This is a man who has faced and thrived through the toughest of challenges. Someone who has gained notoriety for devising innovative tactics and putting processes in place that deliver results that exceed expectations.

Indeed, Dominick represents the entrepreneurial, innovative, and intellectual best of his generation. This young entrepreneur is fast rising to become an undisputed disruptor in his industry by using growth hacking strategies and providing value where it matters most.

Steele Industries


With over 6 years of experience working in the night vision sector, Dominick studied, observed, and amassed in-depth knowledge that would later position him as an authority in this field. Having identified a void in the sector, he made a bold decision to delve deeper, with a plan to revolutionize the industry. This marked the birth of Steele Industries, and in a short while, they have been able to shake up the tech space.

With the growth of Steele Industries, Dominick and his team have dedicated the past two years to delivering superior night vision equipment, including thermal and associated accessories. He has been able to lead and foster a vastly growing company that has diligently served the military, law enforcement, and commercial end-users in the United States.

The company manufactures and distributes affordable, robust night vision and accessories, with a business model that is underpinned by a trusted brand built on superior customer service and a team of professionals who go the extra mile to ensure that quality is never compromised.

By having an effective growth hacking strategy, Steele Industries has grown considerably in record time. In just 2 years, the company has moved from just two employees in a small office to more than quadruple that size. Best of all, success over the years has seen them spread their market share to all 50 states in the US, while establishing an office in the heart of Florida.

What puts Steele Industries ahead of others?

When your brand is built on integrity, experience, and knowledge, rising to the upper echelon of the industry will be a rollercoaster ride. This innovative night vision company is a dream partner for any client, as they have dedicated time and resources to providing the best-in-class customer service that clients define as impactful and transformational. Indeed, their customer-centricity is second to none.

It all becomes clearer as CEO Dominick Steele lays bare the goal of his company as thus, “We take pride in establishing relationships with so many of our clients and being able to direct them through the entire process benefits all involved. We want to make sure that the products and services we provide meet the needs of both consumers and the industry as a whole.”

Who doesn’t love a quality product? I bet we all do! This is another area that Steele Industries shines. The strict quality control procedures put in place makes it impossible for inferior gadgets to leave the four walls of their establishment. It is no wonder why the military and law enforcement are passionate about all things Steele.

To effectively protect lives and valuable property, you need to be at the top of your game, and Steele equipment makes this possible. They have been known to operate with discipline, which involves meticulous planning, effective execution and monitoring with management routines.

This has also been validated in their business partnerships with major players in the industry like Elbit Systems of America, B.E. Meyers, Hesco, AB Night Vision, L3 Harris, among others, who testify to their exceptional ability to deliver leading products and unforgettable customers experiences.

It is worthy of note that the secret to their success lies in their diverse team of intellectuals. The company features a blend of dedicated staff who bring experience and passion like no other. These professionals have over 40 years of total combined night vision experience and include highly experienced law enforcement individuals, veterans, engineers, as well as people with aerospace and defense backgrounds. With Steele Industries, you have access to a team that is primed to meet and exceed the most sophisticated expectations.

A unique tenet of Steele Industries is the high value they place on educating and communicating extensively with the end-user. You must admit, night vision is technical, and having the ability to interpret that information to users is vital. This is where their adroit communicators take the spotlight.

Investing in the future and quality

At Steele, the vision is not just for today, but for a brighter tomorrow. This is why alongside maintaining optimal levels in day-to-day operations, the company channels resources to providing the answers to future problems. By investing in the latest technology, as can be seen with their current exploits with the Hoffman test set (pictured above), Steele Industries is undoubtedly set to conquer the sector in the nearest future, for years to come.


As an award-winning visionary, heading one of the industry’s leading night vision company’s, the sky is surely the starting point for what Dominick Steele can achieve. There seems to be nothing standing in his way; and how can there be, when he operates as the first among equals. His achievements have already earned him several nominations for the fastest growing business in 2019 and 2020, proof that indeed, Steele Industries has taken flight.


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