Don Welch’s is the ‘Anomali’ of Summer 2021

Don Welch has set himself up to kick down the 2021 Summer doors with his Sophmore album “Anomali”. This album will be featuring some serious gun slangin’, heart-felt, heart-melting, raw outlaw love, and rebel lifestyle music featuring a bunch of other great talents. Welch will be leading us into the album by releasing two singles in April and May.
Don has been working earnestly and unending in trying to perfect this project. With a great indie team surrounding him, he has managed to build some major anticipation within the blues-rock and country outlaw rap music industry.
About his upcoming work, Welch said “this album is literally my love child! It’s filled with pain, outlaw tendencies, and outlaw love! This album is my story told in cinematic music!”
Don Welch’s anticipated album “Anomali” is one for the ages! It’s a Guns Blazing, outlaw full of energy album! He takes you through life story’s and love songs that will be sure to have men and women enjoying this album in the car together! So no need for an aux cord battle when listening to this project!
Don also has a project within the album called “Story of an Outlaw” which is made up of a three-song series that make up a cohesive 3part music video movie! These songs are Anomali, Underdogs, and Outlaw Love!
He also has some incredible features on this album with Shayne Marie, Alexander King, and Grace Askew! Every song on this album has big choruses that have cinematic western gritty vibes, all the way from his song’s revolution to Outlaw Love. Revolution feels like a movie all in itself. He goes into detail about his music partner protecting his wife and children’s life from a home break-in! I won’t spoil it for you guys but it’s bone-chilling!
Be sure not to miss this Texas cowboy gunslinging his rap on every bar!
Don Welch is ready to blaze new trails in Summer 2021 with his sophomore album Anomali hitting the streets. Anomali fires no warning shots as Welch assaults the listener with a healthy dose of outlaw swagger, rhymes like a hail of bullets, and a bluesy slide guitar that transports the listener straight into a spaghetti western-style shootout at the OK Corral.

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